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upper-intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of parts of speech

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will be able to identify parts of speech specifically nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs.


Lead in (4 minutes) • To create interest in the topic

T will share a slide with 4 sentences, some words will be missing. T then asks students to help her fill in the blanks. The word can be a noun, pronoun, adverb, and adjective.

Stage 1 (6 minutes) • Identify the 4 parts of speech that we will use during the lesson

T will share with Ss the topic for the class: Parts of speech. T will share the definition for it. T asks students to work in groups and try and match the different parts of speech with their definition. INSTRUCTIONS: Match the part of speech with their definition. You have 5 minutes. ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS: Not enough students show up. SOLUTION Depending on the number of students the break-out room will be created.

Feedback (4 minutes) • Check the answers

Elicit Ss to share the answers. INSTRUCTIONS: (name) please share your answer for NOUN.

Stage 2 (6 minutes) • Identify the parts of speech in a sentence

T will create two groups. T will assign a slide to each group and put them in break out rooms. INSTRUCTIONS: Identify the part of speech that is in bold. You have 5 minutes.

Feedback (4 minutes) • Check the answers

Check the answers. INSTRUCTIONS: TEAM 1 please share your answers. TEAM 2 please share your answers.

Freer Practice (5 minutes) • Students will be able to use the parts of speech.

T will share a slide with different words, so the students can use them to write down their own sentences. INSTRUCTIONS: Individually write down 4 sentences using one part of speech per sentence. You have 6 minutes.

Peer-check (10 minutes) • Create a safe space for students to share their answers

Students will go on break out rooms to check their answers. If there are enough students they will switch partners and repeat the activity. INSTRUCTIONS: In break our rooms please check your answers. You have 5 minutes. Ok, now let's switch partners and check again your sentences. You have 5 minutes

Clarification (5 minutes) • Check for doubts and correct errors.

Correct errors that might occur during the freer practice.

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