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Intermediate level


Abc Colored markers
Abc HO1
Abc White board

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of some personality adjectives.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a paragraph in the context of personality adjectives


Lead-In (3-5 minutes) • To generate interest to the target vocabulary.

Greet students - introduce the game' describe your partner': divide the class into pairs, each pair should describe their partner in as many words as they can. Then the pair with the most words win. ICQs: 1. Are you going to work in pairs or individually? pairs 2. Who should you describe me or your partner? my partner - Listen and monitor them

Test (5 minutes) • To convey and check SS’ understanding of the words

-Students, individually, will match the words with the correct definition in HO1. - Discuss the answers in pairs. - Then whole class feedback.

Teach- clarification stage (15-20 minutes) • To clarify the meaning of the words.

- Organize the board into four columns for word, form, example and stress. - Use colored markers: word in blue, form in green, example in black and stress in red. - Focus on meaning, form, and pronunciation. - Ask the students to guess, for the previous HO, which word is the opposite for tight-fisted?extravagant * Antonym: tight-fisted is a person who does not want to spend money and extravagant is the opposite: spending a lot of money. Ask SS how man syllable in both ? what to stress on? *tight-fisted: 3 syllables tight\fist\ed stress on the 2nd syllable, put a red dot above the i in fist *extravagant: 3 syllables ex\trav\a\gant stress on the 2nd syllable *what type of word are they ? adjectives as they are describing or giving information about the noun examples: let students to put the each word in a sentence and write on the board. -Determined personal contextualization: A friend of mine when she was at high school, she wanted to become an engineer. She was determined to go to Faculty of Engineering that why she studied hard and no difficulties can stop her and she became the best in her field. *Do you think she become a successful engineer? (yes) *what makes her join the Faculty of engineering? T: after listening to their answer, will elicit the definition of determined then showing the syllable and the stress: 3 syllables, stress on the 2nd de-ter-mined *Ask Ss, is it an adjective\noun\verb? *drill pronunciation * Mime arrogant: walk with pride (behaving you are the most important person) form:adj. stress: 1st syllable ar-ro-gant example: He is always arrogant in front of his girlfriend. *Exemplification: gullible when your Mum keeps telling you do not talk to or drink anything from strangers and you tell her Mum, I am that gullible or foolish to be tricked. adjective stress o the 1st syllable gul-li-ble * definition: Meticulous and Finicky (slightly different) meticulous: is showing attention to every single detail example: everyone now is meticulous about hygiene stress on the 2nd syllable me-tic-u-lous finicky: attention to details and hard to please example: Children are always finicky. stress on the 1st syllable fin-ick-y *Synonym:stubborn is a synonym to obstinate: hard to persuade can anyone give mean example? which syllable should we stress on? stress on the 1st ob-sti-nate CCQs 1. A person who doesnot want to spend money? 2. opposite of tight-fisted? 3. A person who is full of himself? 4.synonym of foolish? 5. showing careful attention to details? 6.A person who makes a firm decision? 7. synonym of hard please? 8. a stubborn person? *Drill pronunciation then individual drill.

Controlled Practice-- Retest (7-10 minutes) • To make sure that SS understand the vocabulary.

Hot Seat game: On representative from each team, 4 teams, sits with their back to the board facing their team. The teacher writes a word/phrase on the board and the teams must explain it. The team with most points win.

Freer Practice-Writing practice (7-10 minutes) • To give ss practice in the target language in a wider focus on accuracy.

in pairs write a paragraph using today's word. -task is for mins - Monitor and record any feedback - give them time limit warning (2 mins left, 30 seconds,time is up) - each pair will read the paragraph - stress on the incorrect answers with a question intonation, correct any language or grammatical mistakes and engage SS to find their mistakes too.

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