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Listening Lesson
Elementary level


In this lesson I will have the students review the previous vocab by playing a little game, using different words and making sure they listen well. I will bring some new vocabulary, and we will go over it together. I will then have them work in pairs, and share with each other their favorite things to do with their family, where do they go, how much does it cost, and at what time. After that, I will have them think of one of their favorite things to do, that they just love doing, and then get up out of seats and each person find someone who likes something different. Next, I will give them some different listening activity worksheets, mostly done individually or with pairs. These are based on listening to the different recordings. Following the listening worksheets, I will ask them to stand up again, and we will play another listening game. Lastly, I will have them sit down again, and with their partners, each share 4 things they like to do on the weekends, I will give them a couple minutes, then each person has to share with the class what his partner said.


Abc Cambridge Face2Face WS

Main Aims

  • Listening! (and practicing speaking using TL with new vocab)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Many listening activities and worksheets, practicing together


Warmer/Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

In this stage, as a starter and for warming up--I will review with the students the vocab which they should have learned from the previous lesson. I will ask them if they remember some words from yesterday's lessons. I will elicit some. THEN-- **Listening Game** -Split class in half -2 lines in middle of room facing WB ----- Group name? Write on WB. -person last in line repeats what I whisper in his/her ear, to the next person, and so on. Quickly yet carefully, as it reaches the person next to the WB, he/she shouts it. If he/she is correct, they get the point. "Half go here, half go here." (with hand gestures) Motions to last person in line, "I whisper in your ear (all with gestures), and you whisper in her/his ear." (as I point and touch each person to indicate). "Continue this till the end, and the last person, shouts it. If it is correct, you get the point." EXAMPLE: "I go to work", "I do not go to work", "I get up", "I do not like to dance", etc... Use examples from vocab sheet.

Exposure (10-15 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading/listening

FIRST I will SHOW everyone the WS. "Circle the activities you know and understand. (Motion) The activities that you do not understand, please come up to the WB and write it down (Motion walking to WB and writing it down)." --I will hand out the new vocab WS. I will wait to see which sentences get written on the WB. (If same one, tell them they can just put a check mark by it) "If it is the same sentence, put a check by it (motion)." -Then, we will go over it in class. I will act or share examples, ask the students. Make sure they understand and pronounce it correctly. Drill. Practice asking/answering. **5 Minutes** ------------------------------------------- "With your pairs, ask, 'What are 2 things you like to do, and 2 things you do not like to do on the weekend? Share two things each." (number off on fingers #2 for each) --Elicit from each pair, have each share from each other. **5 Mins** ------------------------------------------- "Now, think of your favorite thing to do, something you really love to do." I will give them 10 seconds. Count. "Now, please everyone get up, and ask each other what their favorite thing to do is. Find someone who likes to do the same thing as you." ----1/2 Min. -------Then depending on each group, I will ask each group, "What do you like to do?" (We like to _______ ). "Who does not like to ______? " "You guys, do NOT like to _______." (WE DO NOT....etc, THEY....etc) ***3 Min?****

Useful Language (7-8 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

(Back to seats from previous activity) BEFORE HANDING OUT THE Listening WS, SHOW THEM IT, and EXPLAIN: ***WE ARE ONLY DOING THE FIRST EXERCISE, NUMBER 3!!!! (POINT AND CIRCLE w FINGER!!) "We will listen to Robert's questions (motion to ear for listen) (and point to computer), and fill in what his questions are. (motion to write down)" --make sure they understand. Then press play and listen. --Listen again? "Notice how we say "do you, as dyu" GO OVER ANSWERS individually, ask each person to share a different question. **3 min??** ------------------- **NOW, SHOW THEM THE NEXT EXERCISE, POINT TO IT. "We will now do the next exercise, number 4. Listen to the conversation, and tick/check the true (correct) sentences." Make sure they understand. (motion checking) Listen and then go over, all together, in class. Have one student read it out loud, and then ask class if it is correct or not. ***2-3 mins?*** ---------------------------- Now, show everyone the next exercise, and point to it, letter b. (last exercise on WS). "Listen, and circle TANYA's answers to Robert's questions." Make sure they understand. --Listen. --Ask different students to individually share their answers in class. ***2-3 min??***

Productive Task(s) (5 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

"Everyone please stand up." "Please get in a circle." (MOTIONS!! :) "One person starts by saying what they like to do. For example, "I like to make baklava." The next person then says, "She/he likes to make baklava. I like to play basketball." The next person then says, "He/she likes to make baklava, he likes to play basketball, I like to brush my teeth..." Listen and remember what each person says!" (If too many students, split into two groups. Group names again? (1,2) 1's over here, 2's over there.) ***5 min**** ---------

Feedback and Error Correction (3-4 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

Back to seats from previous activity. "I will read you a story of some people you may know, and then I will ask you some questions." (**Hand out the question WS**) " So please listen carefully!" Read short story. (typed up story, and add people from the class) Ask questions. (Have questions under story) Check their hearing and pronunciation. THAT's IT!! **4 Mins?**

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