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In this lesson ss will practice and drill vocabulary to asses the students' ability to talk about facilities in a city. This will be followed by a reading comprehension exercise, and conclude with a writing exercise if time permits.


Main Aims

  • Reading for gist and detailed reading practice using a text about about cites and to answer a series of related questions to asses detail comprehension

Subsidiary Aims

  • To assess students' vocabulary resource for reading material in the Main Aim of this lesson.


Warmer/Lead-in (8-9 minutes) • Quick and entertaining way to check vocabulary words commonly found on signs, check vocab knowledge of "Japan, Greece, and Egypt"

-Preset KEY for vocabulary outside on door. Preset KEY for TP2_HO_04 on back wall of class. Upload PPT on computer and open file. -Review previous class by saying "I live in Kadikoy" Ask SS where they live. -Post 3 photos (Egypt/Japan/Greece) on board and ask them "where does [he/she] live?" -Divide class by simple pairs, assign A and B -Matching exercise: Distribute cutouts of HO_01, instruct teams to match the signs with the words. Tell only persons "A" to go outside to check work posted on door. -Distribute HO with answer key for vocabulary.

Open the Subject: Istanbul Open/Closed (6-7 minutes) • Prepare students for reading

-Run PPT to pre-teach "Late" "Early" -Realia classroom doors to demonstrate "open" "closed" -PPT slides to elicit "Open early" or "Open late" (last one is Open late AND open 24 hours)

Reading for Gist (6-7 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist task for reading

Elicit word "BMW" by asking about good german car. Divide by B-M-W DIsplay triptych HO. "TODAY WE WILL BE READING." Instruct "face down" when distributed. Hand out "Yes/No" skim HO. ICQ "face up" or "face down?" for main HO Distribute main HO (triptych) "SS have 2 minutes to read text fast, and (working in pairs) answer Yes/No questions" OK, GO! Elicit correct responses from WC Ask students to turn over triptych again

Reading for Detail (12-13 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed, deduction and inference reading task

- Re-show triptych HO "Open and Closed." Tell students to find their copy and turn it over again. Show HO_04 (ten question HO) and tell the students to read the selection slowly and work in groups to answer all ten questions. Wrap up exercise after fast students are done, but only when slower students get at least 7-8. ICQ: who in these BMW groups are "W?" Tell "W" to go to back of class where key is posted to check answers, return and share answers with group. Elicit all ten answers from class.

Writing Extension (13-14 minutes) • Provide opportunity to practice writing simple sentences based on reading.

Hold HO and tell ss they will write FULL sentences about Istanbul in box provided. Questions on right. ICQ: "1 word or 2 word answers?" Distribute HO and monitor O/C Feedback students share sentences.

Emergency extra time game (0-10 minutes) • Provide extra practice and fill 45 minutes if time estimate is poor

Hot seat game using today's vocabulary: Open, Closed, airport, station, hotel, mosque, cafe, restaurant, church, shop, early, late, open late, closed late

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