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TP5 Vocabulary
Elementary (A2) level


This lesson will introduce vocabulary around jobs and studying. Students will be asked to draw upon their previously acquired knowledge and this will be built upon within the lesson. The students will be asked to complete a range of tasks involving speaking and writing that will use vocabulary around the topic of work and studying.


Abc Job and subject vocabulary sheet
Abc A-Z Jobs and Subjects sheet.
Abc Audio answers
Abc Main work sheeet- Activities 1-4

Main Aims

  • For the students to understand and use job and subject related vocabulary within the lesson context of working and studying

Subsidiary Aims

  • For students to be able to write sentences about themselves within the context of working and studying.


Warmer (7 minutes) • To elicit students prior vocabulary

Instructions: Think of as many jobs as you can. Write 1 for each letter of the alphabet. Work in pairs. Hand out sheet. Demonstrate on the board- Write A B C etc and write a job next to one or two. ICQ- Are we thinking about Jobs? Y After 5 mins Instructions- On the WB write down one Job that you have thought of. ( Give a couple of students pens) Complete the alphabet and correct any misunderstandings. Try to elicit mistake before telling the answer.

Elicit new vocabulary (5 minutes) • To teach or elicit vocabulary required for the lesson

Instructions: We are going to learn some new words. 1. Accountant- E- Use the picture. If they are not sure, say: A person who counts and organized other peoples money and taxes. Draw a page of a budget on the board. ( Tell them if no response) C-Do accounts work with other people's money? Y -Do accountants keep people's money?N - Bank visual- Is this an accountant? N - Are banks accountants?N D- Drill the word, then drill a sentence: He is AN accountant. She is AN accountant. W- Accountant (Noun) Place stress. 2. Accounting E-Show picture of the accountant. What would he need to study? If no response, say: He would need to study how to organize peoples money and taxes. What do we call this? If no response- Tell them the word. Accounting is a study subject. C-Would a doctor study accounting?N - Would a footballer study accounting?N - Would an accountant study accounting? Y - Is accounting a study subject? Y D- Drill the word, then drill the sentence: He studied accounting, They studied accounting. W- Accounting (Noun) Place stress. 3. Catering E- Show picture. A chef learns how to prepare and organize food and drink for lots of people. What subject is this? If no response, tell them the word. C- Does an accountant need to study catering? N - Is catering just cooking food? N - Does a chef study catering? Y -Is it a study subject? Y D- Drill the word first, then drill sentence: I am studying catering, You are studying catering. W- Catering (Noun) Place stress. 4.Engineer E- Show picture- What does he do? If no response: He is a person who designs and builds things. What job does he do? If Nothing: Tell them. C-Does an engineer only build things?N -Show the picture of a bricklayer. Is this an engineer?N - Does an engineer plan things?Y D- Drill word, then Drill sentence: She is an engineer. They are engineers. W- Engineer ( noun) mark stress.

Task 1- Match pictures to the correct job and study subject. (5 minutes) • To check student understanding of the job and study subject vocabulary.

Hand out task 1 Instructions: Look at task 1 (show class the task). In partners, match the pictures to the correct job and study subject. Use this sheet to help (wave job and subject vocab sheet.Hand it out) ICQ- Are you matching the pictures with the words? Y Monitor student understanding and listen to discussions. Discuss misconceptions. If the whole class makes a similar mistake, stop and correct as a class before continuing. Feedback- Give answers quickly write them on the board. A-An engineer/engineering B-an Accountant/accounting C- A doctor/ Medicine D-A chef/Catering E-A musician/ Music.

Follow on from task 1- Extra activity if time allows (5 minutes) • To apply students vocabulary to themselves

Draw a picture of a class. Ask: What is my Job? Instruction- (select 1 student) Draw a picture that is to do with your job or study subject. We will guess what it is. Repeat with other students as time allows.

Task 2- Talk about Jobs and subjects (10 minutes) • To get students to talk about the vocabulary of the lesson.

2A Instructions: Look at task 2 (Show class the task) Read the sentences and talk about the answers. Use this sheet to help you ( show Job/subject vocab sheet) ICQ- Are you speaking or writing? Monitor conversations and correct errrors Feedback- Ask one group to feedback each sentence. 2B Instructions- In partners, Talk about what things from 2A do you like to do? Give Eg. I like finding out new things and helping people. Monitor and correct errors Feedback- Ask one or 2 what they like to do.

Elicit new vocabulary (3 minutes) • To teach or elicit vocabulary required for the lesson

Instruction- We are going to look at some new words 1.Self employed E- I have my own shop. I do not work for a company. What word can I use for this? Use picture to emphasise I have no boss. C- Is a person working in Migros self-employed?N - Is a policeman self-employed?N - Is a person with no job self-employed?N - Is a shop owner self-employed? Y D- Drill word, then drill sentences- He is self-employed, she is self-employed. W- Self-employed (adjective) Mark stress. 2.Unemployed E-Use picture: He has no job' What word can we use for this? C-Point to the accountant. Is he unemployed?N -Point to engineer. Is he unemployed?N - Point to unemployed picture. Is he unemployed? Y D- Drill word, then sentence. They are unemployed, you are unemployed. W- Unemployed (adjective) Mark stress.

Task 3- Identifying sentence meaning (10 minutes) • To get students to recognise vocabulary around jobs and study.

3A Instructions- Look at task 3A(show them). Read the sentences. Decide in pairs if the sentence is about working or studying. Read 1- Is this about work or studying? Feedback answers on WB- 1-W 2-W 3-W 4-S 5-S 6-W 7-W 3B Instructions: Look at 3B. Use these words (gesture) to change the sentences in 3A (gesture). Change the words that are underlined. Eg Write I have a full-time job. Rub out full-time. What can I put here? Look at these words (Gesture) - Part-time. Write and then read the whole sentence. Now do the others in pairs(Gesture) ICQ- Are you changing the underlined words? Monitor and discuss any errors. Instructions- Listen to this audio to check your answers. Feedback from audio- 1- part-time 2-a chef 3-a bakery 4- full-time 5-history 6-my children 7-self-employed

Task 4-Writing sentence (10 minutes) • To get students to produce sentences using the vocabulary from the lesson

Instructions: Look at task 4. Write 5 sentences about your work and studies. It can be about now or in the past. Example- I worked in a school when I was studying psychology. Now you write five sentences. Use this to help you (Show job and subject sheet) ICQ- Are you writing or speaking? Monitor sentences and use some for delayed correction if needed. Swap the partners around and get students to share their sentences. Quick feedback and error correction if necessary.

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