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Unit 5/ Grammar
9th Grade level


In this lesson, students will put into use what they have studied in unit 4 ( present simple ) and also they will be given the chance to recycle a number o vocabulary they have been exposed to in previous units


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Main Aims

  • To provide review of the present simple

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will be able to recycle some vocabulary they have been exposed to.
  • Students will practice their speaking skills


Warm up (8-10 minutes) • Break the ice

- The teacher greets students and asks them how they feel. - The teacher will play the gesture game with students by which he will indirectly review with some vocabulary they will be using in later stages. - The teacher checks the homework. - The teacher reviews telling the time with the students.

Engage (4-7 minutes) • Grab Ss attention and get them involved

- The teacher will ask the students to categorize the picture on page 44 S-B: Meals-Sports-School subjects-Languages.

Study (15-20 minutes) • Put emphasize on the target language and how it is constructed

- The teacher will help students enlarge those categories. - The teacher will introduce the students to the game called: FIND SOMEONE WHO. - Students will mingle around asking each other questions and answering using the present simple. - The teacher will ask students to report their findings, for example, Mourad likes football. - The teacher will note down any recurrent mistake to correct in the delayed error correction phase.

Activate (10-20 minutes) • Ss will get the chance to put what they have learnt into practice

- Students will be asked to in pairs complete the puzzle on page 45 S-B. - Students will be asked to prepare some questions to ask their classmates by relying on the verbs provided in exercise number 3 page 45, S-B - The teacher gives the students the chance to read out their questions and their classmates to answer, If not the teacher will pick.

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