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Miracle diets
A1 level


In this lesson ss will practice receptive skill (listening) and consolidate vocabulary of food to practice them in semi-controlled speaking. First will be a warmer to get Ss interested in the topic, I will ask the ss if they are following any kind of diets. The first exercise, ss read the extract about a TV show, after they finish reading W/C discuss what is this show about. The second practice is listening, ss will listen to the recording and underline the name of each diet mentioned. The third practice, ss will read notes written by Daniel Barber, in the notes there are two answers and ss have to guess the right answers, when they finish I will play the recording so they can check their answers. The last activity is a game, ss will be given a HO with five different diets, each s has to choose a diet without telling his or her partner, ss will ask each other questions to find out what diet their partner chose.


Abc Reading and listening
Abc HO 2 Underline the correct answer
Abc Which diet game

Main Aims

  • To give Ss practice on intensive listening

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss practice food vocabulary in a semi-controlled speaking


Warmer/ Lead in (5-8 minutes) • To get ss interested in the topic

Introduce the topic by asking the ss they are following any type of diet, then ss in controlled ask each other what they have eaten and if what they ate was healthy or not

Reading and listening (5-8 minutes) • To practice scan reading and listening and find a specific piece of information

Ss will read the extract from a TV magazine. ask the ss what kind of show is it? ( a chat show) What is the show about? The show is about miracle diets. Would the ss like to watch it? Play the recording, ss listen and underline the name of each diet mentioned. Key Diet 1 The two Fs diet Diet 2 The low C diet Diet 3 The soup diet

Complete Daniel Barber's notes (12-15 minutes) • To practice intensive listening to get a lot of iformation.

Give ss a couple of minutes to read through Daniel Barber's notes and see if they can guess the correct answer. Play the recording, ss listen and check their answers. Diet 1 1 fruit 2 bread 3 tomatoes 4 2or3 Diet 2 5 chicken 6 fruit 7 potatoes Diet 3 8 pasta soup 9 chocolate 10 5 Give ss a minute to discuss their answers and then ask their opinions in W/C

Which diet game (12-15 minutes) • To practice speaking for fluency in semi-controlled speaking

Ss will be given Ho written on it five different types of diet. Ss choose one type of diet and without telling their partners. Ss will be moving a round the class asking questions to find out what type of diet each s chose. T take FB.

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