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Elementary level


In this lesson sts learn and practice vocabulary related to letters, numbers and addresses. Lesson starts with hangman game where sts practice alphabet. This is followed by listening for specific information task and a conversation practice activity where sts ask and answer questions related to subject.


Abc Overhead projector
Abc Course book copies
Abc CD track 2.4
Abc Course enrolment form
Abc White board

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of vocabulary related to letters, numbers and addresses so that sts can ask and give personal information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts practice in listening for specific information


Hangman game (8-10 minutes) • to warm up and practice alphabet

Teacher writes words in the form of blanks on the whiteboard. Sts guess letters, if the letter is in the word Teacher ads it in the correct place.

Listening task (10-12 minutes) • to give sts practice listening for specific information

Teacher gives sts the hand-outs (English Unlimited Elementary Course book pg.8). Teacher asks sts what the pictures show and checks if the sts know the vocabulary from the task for ex. surname, postcode, dot and at in email addresses. Teacher plays recording 1.3. Sts listen and complete the form. Sts check the answers in groups and finally teacher goes through the answers with the whole class.

Vocabulary pronunciation (8-10 minutes) • To practice pronunciation of vocabulary related to addresses, emails and websites

Teacher divides sts into groups and asks them to read the addresses, postcodes and phone numbers in task 3a and email and website addresses in task 4a. Teacher monitors.Teacher goes through both tasks 3a and 4a with the whole class and finally the 4b task.

Course enrolment form (10-14 minutes) • To practice asking and giving personal information

Teacher presents the conversation sheet using the projector. Teacher drills the dialogue with the whole class. He changes roles, teacher - sts, sts - teacher, group - group. Teacher divides class into two groups and gives enrolment forms (English Unlimited Elementary Course book, pg.122) to one group. Students practice the conversation in pairs. They ask and answer questions to complete the form. They check if the answers are correct. Teacher monitors. Optional: If there is time left, teacher change pairs and repeats the activity.

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