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Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson students will be reading on the topic of illness and injury. They will be practicing vocabulary on this topic and in the end they will create their own sentences using the new vocabulary.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about illness or injury in the context of First aid

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of illness or injury in the context of first


Lead in (5 minutes) • Generate interest

Teacher will play a 2 minute video. Tells the students to pay attention to discover the topic and write down as many words as they can understand about that topic. QCI: Do we write down every word we understand? The scene sets a scene in a hospital, context setting for the lesson-series.

pre teach vocab (15 minutes) • deeper understanding of vocab on this topic

Mind map activity on white board. Teacher asks, In which place was the scene in the video set? Hospital. Now tell me some other words that you wrote down from the video. Mindmap of all words they collectied. Language analysis of most of them (hopefully) ECDW

Reading for gist (10 minutes) • To encourage ss to get general understanding

In hospitals the doctors often deal with 'life threatening injuries' but more often than not we can speak of what I call 'household injuries'. Pair ss up and study Handout on treat-treatment, threat-threatening. Discuss the meaning with your partner Feedback: tell us about these words and their meanings. Drill the pronounciation

Reading for detail (10 minutes) • practice reading for detailed comprehension

Handout "First aid" gap fill. With your partner, fill in the words. Handout answer key, check your answers Grouping activity. Groups of 3. Handout quiz highlights: Have a look at the photo's and tell each other what the meaning is of the highlighted words.

Speaking task (5 minutes) • Apply what we learned

Quiz, each group, try and find the answers. The first group reads them out loud.

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