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Main Aims

  • to get to know the ss - names - level - learning styles

Subsidiary Aims

  • to revise and review question formation in simple present tense


warmer (10-15 minutes) • to give ss a chance to learn each other's names

picture name: draw pictures on the board: giraffe, apple, radio, elephant, tree, house - elicit the names for the pictures and write the first letter of each word on the board under the pictures - G A R E T H - ask ss what is says and elicit that this is my name. Give small pieces of paper to ss and ask them to draw pictures for their names - help ss as necessary with ideas Ask ss to go around the class and decode each other's names.

get to know the teacher (10-15 minutes) • to introduce myself to the class - facts / likes / dislikes etc.

Show ss powerpoint of pictures elicit an example from the ss and write it on the board. Ask ss to work in pairs and write a sentence for each picture. Check ideas in pairs before class feedback. My favourite team is Manchester United I can play the guitar I like swimming. I go jet-skiing on holiday. My favourite video game is GT6 I like romantic films I don't like ice-cream My favourite Turkish food is Iskender. Show sentences on the board and ask ss to decide which sentences are True and which are wrong.

question formation (10-10 minutes) • to check the ss level of english and whether ss can form questions in the present simple tense.

Look at the sentences on the board "My favourite team is Manchester United" and elicit other questions - you can ask - eg. who is your favourite player? Do you like Turkish teams? Ask ss to make an extra question for three / five of the statements about me. Encourage ss to ask Qs and give answers.

snowballs (10-10 minutes) • to give ss an opportunity do a gtky activity and practice - writing statements in present simple tense and question formation

Give different strips of coloured paper to ss - (depending on numbers 3 / 4 colours) Ask ss to write three sentences - one sentences on one strip - about themselves - like / family / hobbies etc. Ask ss to crush up the three strips and throw them at me. Ask ss to come and collect a different coloured strip and find out who the strip belongs to by asking questions - encourage follow-on questions. NEED to demonstrate this with the whole class - maybe 2 times.

learning styles (10-10 minutes) • to give me an opportunity to understand quickly the ss learning styles

Draw a circle on the board. Write my name in the circle. Draw big eyes : I like to learn with pictures and seeing sentences on the board. Draw small ears: I don't like listening to the CD. Draw a big mouth: I like doing speaking Draw big hands: I like to do activities with my hands Draw small feet: I don't like to do walking around activities. Draw + sign I like working with others

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