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Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn some new vocabularies and listen to some recorded conversation, and they will learn some vocabularies with the prefix "mis" and practice on it, and in the end they will have a speaking task.


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Abc sound clip 1.19 to 1.24
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice on the prefix "mis" and clarify some new words.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give the students an opportunity to practice in pairs on a speaking task.and discuss about the common mistakes in their language and other languages.


Intro (5-7 minutes) • Introduce the students to some vocabularies and practice on it

The T Start the lesson with showing 2 images for the vocabulary "Evacuate" "evaporate" and make an example for the idiom "wires crossed". and elicit the vocabulary from the students. Put them in pairs. give them filling gaps task.and ask them to do it individualy. do some Feed Back by writing the answer keys on the WB. and ask them to check their answers with their partner.

listening (6-10 minutes) • to provide students a listening material to start their speaking.

T tell the students that they will listen to a series of short conversations between two persons and after each conversation each students turn to his\her partner and retell the conversation using your own words. after that the T write the terms : mishear - misunderstand - misquote - mispronounce - misspell - misuse and give the instruction to Ss that they are going to listen to the clips again and match each term with one of the 6 clips. T do Feed Back by nominating. T ask the students to complete the sentences in their hand out "The prefix "mis" is added to verbs to show that something has been done badly or wrongly.

listening 2 (2-5 minutes) • to provide students with more accuracy in pronunciation.

T ask the students that they are going to listen to the words and tell the T where the stress in each word, then play the clip. T take Feed Back on each word. one by one.

Practice on vocabulary (4-8 minutes) • to make sure that they understand the vocabulary and they can use it.

T tell the students that they will do a practice on the workbook "choose from the box" T hand them the Cut-Ups and monitor T do Feed back by nominate random students.

Speaking (10-15 minutes) • use what they have learned in the speaking task.

T ask the students in pairs to choose two from the questions in the hand-out p22 and ask and answer them, and tell them that they are going to report back to the class on their discussion. T monitor them while they are doing this task and take a note for mistakes if needed. T nominate some pairs to report their discussion to the class.

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