Mohamed Alkhatib Mohamed Alkhatib

TP1 , Functional Language
Beginner level


In this lesson, students practice asking and answering questions about jobs . Through functional language practice ,they will be spontaneously using (verb to be) in present . In addition , I am going to use the substitution drills to improve the student's ability to talk more . There will be also competitive games and rewards as well .


Abc Flash cards having pictures of many jobs (Home - made . Mohamed Alkhatib ) - magnets - gap filling handout (Home -made ) -Two different colored gloves . Some prizes for the most participating students . Straightforward ( Beginner Students book ) page 25 .

Main Aims

  • Main Aim : To improve the students' functional language practice through asking and answering about jobs and to focus on the( verb to be) in present. simple tense . .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To improve the student's listening ability and speaking practice . To know about jobs vocab and to pronounce them correctly .


Warming-up . (1-2 minutes) • To prepare all students to participate more with me .

I pretend I am carrying a heavy bag and that it seems too difficult .Then I say ( I can do it ) . I pretend i carry it . Then I move my mouse around asking students to act like me as physical exercise to talk .

Matching activities . (5-7 minutes) • To enable students to recognize jobs .

I show students flash cards having pictures of about nine jobs like ( doctor, policeman,nurse, etc..... ) .asking them to name these jobs . Next, I make a matching activity using the whiteboard, magnets and flash cards ( matching exercise ) .

Mutual Conversations . (15-17 minutes) • To improve listening and speaking skills .

I wear two different gloves and pretend as if they are two persons talking to each other as following ; A- Hi ! B- Hello ! A- How are you ? B- Fine , thank you . A- What do you do ? B- I'm a doctor . And you? A- I'm a mechanic . I act the dialogue two times and the students listen to me. After that , I say it again asking the students to repeat after me . Next, divide the class into two groups , one for A and the other for B . Then, students act in pairs . Then, I give all the students the chance to practise it through the ( CHAIN DRILL ) that is to make sure they all ask and answer about jobs . After that , I ask a male student to have a flash card then I ask ( What does he do ? ) . Next , I ask a female student to show her flash card and I ask ( What does she do ? ) . Finally , I make the same activity using plural ( they- we ) make sure they are able to differentiate " is and are " during practice .

Substitution drills Activity . (8-10 minutes) • To practice more and more .

I write on the board ( I am a doctor . ) Then I say (teacher ). The student : I am a teacher . I say : He A student : He is a teacher . I say : Nurse . A student : She is a nurse . I say : Doctors . a student : They are doctors .

Listening Activity . (5-6 minutes) • To improve the listening skill .

I turn on the CD and listen to track 45 in page 25 ( Straightforward , Beginner Students book ) . All students listen carefully and then practice in pairs .

A Competitive game . (8-10 minutes) • To make the lesson fun and enjoyable achieving writing practice .

I write a gap filling exercise on the board . then I stimulate my students to share in this game ( by showing them many prizes, chocolates and medals ) .Two groups : about three or four students for each one. Each group try to fill in the gaps quickly and correctly to get the prizes .

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