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Teaching Practice 1
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn about the possessive ‘s through a context about families, they will distinguish between possessive ‘s and apostrophe ‘s in contractions. The lesson starts by eliciting a few sentences about families’ relationships based on the family tree.


Main Aims

  • Using possessive 's properly and differentiate has got, apostrophe 's, and is in contraction.

Subsidiary Aims

  • listening, family vocab.


Warmer/Lead-in (2-5 minutes) • Elicit what the know already

Start with a picture on the board of my family and elicit the relationship.

pre-listening task (3-5 minutes) • Listen for details

Give Ss ex 5 & get them to decide which are true/false & correct the false sentences. Do the feedback on the board as a whole class after checking with their partners in pairs.

possessive 's e (2-4 minutes) • practice more about the meaning of possessive 's

Giving them a task to choose the correct family vocab. Asking them after that to check with their partners in pairs.

Ex 4a Wkbk (2-5 minutes) • Differentiate has-is-'s

Give Ss ex 4a from the Wkbk & get them to put 's in the correct place - do the feedback on the board as a whole class.

Ex 4b (2-4 minutes) • knowing the 's in more practice

Giving them ex 4b to know the differences in 's and check again with them as a whole class.

Ex 9 (2-5 minutes) • Listen for details

Having more detailed information about the family.

If- time (3-5 minutes) • practice possessive 's

Giving them a sheet of sentences where the have to change the into possessive 's

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