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Preintermediate level


In this lesson, students will practise reading and comprehension though guessing from context


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Main Aims

  • Comprehension

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary


Intro (2-3 minutes) • Quick revisiting, prep for animal story.

intro, animal story coming up/ Pics on WB

1 (3-4 minutes) • Vocab match and prediction.

Vocab check, storm and unconscious. Task/ Iderntify the vocab words on the pictures The Ss will be given four pictures. Four words will be written on the WB. TASK I. They will match, mainly by guessing. FB pair to another pair

2 Read to confirm predictions. (8-12 minutes)

2 11C 4b TASK Working in pairs, What do you think the story is about? Put the pictures in order. Stay in TL! 4-6minutes Students will read, check predictions Pair check Class feedback, nominate. Answer key B A D C key on WB stand back It's actually not easy, the pictures are even more bizarre than the story, which gets weirder as it goes along. FB. Nominate Ss to come to WB, to put up one picture and explain it. Then invite another if there is different explanation. Even four. Then we could build stories, collectively and merrily. This is goodbye day. 4-6 minutes

Scan reading (5-7 minutes) • Reading for specific information, further comprehend the tex

4 11C 5 6 minutes TASK Scan read the article for ticking true and false. Check in pairs. FB By nomination.

Guessing from conext (2-3 minutes) • Idea of guessing. ID parts of speech.

5. 11C 5a Guessing. If you don't know what a word means sometimes you can guess. What kind of word? Noun? Verb? Adjective? Then, what is the context? What does the rest of the sentence mean?

Vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • Vocabulary to check. Meaning form pronunciation.

11C. 6a. Look at the Article. Some words are in bold. Severe damage branch weird blind. What parts of speech 11C 6b Choose correct meeanings in pairs. What made you decide?

Round off (6-10 minutes) • Vocabulary use

In groups of 4 tell each other animal stories

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