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Elif CELIK 05 Nov 2013 Reading for detail ''Pride and Prejudice'' /WR/Speaking
Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss practice receptive skills of reading for detail and for gist later in the context of the novel ''Pride and Prejudice''. Then, they also get to practice productive skills of writing and speaking on the last stage of the lesson. So, if time allows free writing activity will take place at the last stage of the lesson. Ss will be asked to read it out loud where they get to chance to practice their speaking practice as well.


Abc Activities HO

Main Aims

  • To practice Ss reading skill for gist and also for specific information in the context of the novel ‘’Pride and Prejudice’’.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice through the discussion questions and if time allows, Ss will also be assigned to a freer speaking and/or writing task at the end of the lesson.


Lead-In (3-5 minutes) • To raise Ss' interest on the topic

The teacher asks Ss as if anyone read the pride and prejudice before. Then, if yes, they will be asked to tell about it to WC. If not, then, the teacher will initiate the speech by providing Ss some cultural background information about the text.

Reading for specific information (10-15 minutes) • to get Ss to discover the key words in the text

Ss will; be asked to read the questions first quickly and then will be aske to read the text within five minutes. Then, They will be asked to find the answers by underlining them form the text. Then, Pupils will be asked to do peer check. Later on, the teacher asks Ss about where they get the answers from and are asked to underline them on the board in return. At this stage Ss will be picked randomly to underline the phrases on the board. Thus, WC FB applies.

Reading for gist (5-10 minutes) • to get Ss practise on gist reading

At this stage of the lesson, Ss will learn to read the given paragraphs very quickly to predict the answers. They will discover the key words to predict the potential answers.

The matching activity (5-8 minutes) • to improve Ss' vocabulary and by indicating alternative vocabulery that has the same meaning

At this stage, Ss will be pre-taught some of the six specific vocabulary and the teacher elicits the meaning from the Ss initially then CCQ's by using realistic examples within the context and drills the word and writes it on board by expressing the stress and form of the word. (i.e adj). Ss will be assigned into groups after doing the matching activity individually. Then, they will be given HOs to stick the answers on the board. WC FB takes place.

The freer writing activity (5-8 minutes) • to practise Ss writing skilll by using the recently learnt vocabulary

Ss will be asked to write a paragraph about a novel that they read by using the recently learnt vocabulary. Then, Ss will be asked vto read them out loud while the teacher ensures Ss use the right form of the vocabulary in a sentence and also checks their pronunciation. WC FB applies here.

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