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Daily routine , present simple : Wh-quetions (I/you/we/they)
Elementary Level A2 level


In this lesson students will learn about present simple : wh.questions through guided discovery based on a reading text of daily routine.


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Main Aims

  • LF-present simple +(I/you/we/they)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Integrated skills ( speaking , reading , listening )


warmer (2-3 minutes) • To review the vocabulary of daily routine in order to make present simple sentences

I will ask students to put Lily's daily routine in order to review the vocabulary of daily routine ( individually ) ICQ : Are going to answer with your partner ? FB : I write the answers on WB so they can check FB : Then I will ask SS to math the verbs with the numbers on WB. After that I will add ( I ) at the beginning of each number and elicit the answers.

Lead in (3-4 minutes) • To engage students in order to write about their own daily routin

Ask one student "What do you do every day from morning until night?" Then I will tell them to write about their daily routines ( individually ) ICQ : Are you going to write in pair? FB : check in pair

Listen for details (7-8 minutes) • To provide detailed listenin practice and they can check their answers

I will give students some HOs ex.7 and ask them to read and guess the true answers . Then they will listen to the listening part R3.3 and they can check their answers. FB : check in pair FB : I will stick an answer key on the wall and ask SS to check the answers

Clarification of grammar (10-15 minutes) • To draw student's attention to the form,meaning and pronunciation of the target language

I will give them HOs ( the text of the student book page 22-23 ) and tell the SS to read the sentences which I have underlined them before and come to the board and complete the table . Then I will stick the pictures of my daily routine and some cards of verbs on WB . I will tell SS to come to the board and match the verbs with pictures on WB e.g. getup , eat breakfast . I will stick ( I/ you/they/we ) at the beginning of the verbs , which I have made them by card board , on WB . Then I will elicit the positive form of present simple tense . I will give SS HOs ( ex.8 ) they will complete the table . FB : check in pair FB : I will give them an answer key

Contolled practice (10-15 minutes) • To provide controlled spoken practice

On WB I will show stress of the words by magnets and have a drill then I will give them HOs and tell them " Make questions with the words ." FB : check in pair FB : They will listen to the listening part and check the answers WC . I will tell to the learners " stand up and ask each other the questions of ex.9. At the of the class I will give them some extra exercises and ask them to answer at home

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