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A helping hand
Children 3 level


In this lesson, students will have to know each other through a drawing activity. SS will also practice talking about giving help using multiple activities.


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Main Aims

  • To analyze a photo for information

Subsidiary Aims

  • Describe people animals and actions in the photo.


warm up (5-15 minutes) • To provide a context where students know each other

- Teacher starts by introducing himself to students. - Teacher draws objects that represent each letter of his name. -Teacher asks ss to do the same. - Once done teacher asks Ss to mingle and show their drawings to each other. - SS have to guess their classmates' names through the drawings. -Teacher selects some ss to explain their drawings.

Lead-in (15 minutes) • To engage ss in the context of helping others.

-Teacher says the name of this unite " A helping hand" holding out his hand and says' these are my hands'. - Teacher asks ss to show him their hands to help and say we can use our hands to help. -Teacher points to the photo and say " here are a woman and a tiger, she is using her hands to help. she is feeding the tiger. she is giving it milk. She is helping the tiger.

Pre-teach (20 minutes) • To pre-teach vocabulary related to helping others in the context of animals.

- Say" there are many ways we can use our hands to help. -Pick up a piece of waste paper and put it in a wastebasket. -Say" I can use my hands to pick up trash. -Pick up a book and ask ' what else can I pick up? -Say I can carry things with my hands / I can put things away -Carry a book and put it away/ ask : What can you carry? / what can you put away?

Picture analysis (15 minutes) • To describe details in photo about animals

-Point to the photo on page 8/9 and ask the following questions: * What do you see in the photo? *what is the woman holding in her hands? *what is the woman giving to the tiger? *is the woman happy or sad? - Go through the activity on page8 and ask CCQs ( yes/no questions) -Confirm the correct answer

Controlled practice (15 minutes) • To provide a controlled practice for ss

- SS are given a puzzle about helping hands. - SS work in groups, teacher monitors to check if they are well-instructed. -Teacher does individual feedback.

semi-controlled practice (10-20 minutes) • To provide ss with semi-controlled practice for a role-play activity

-In the same handout, regroup ss and ask them take turns to ask each other questions. - the last exercise, SS work in groups of three, one of them says a word and others have to tick it. ( make it challenging by doing fast)

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