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Real World U3c
Elementary level


Students will be able to practice speaking and listening and review some vocabulary but the students will need meaning forms and phonology (pronunciation) through more practice in saying and understanding the target language.


Abc Face2face U3
Abc Handout Smart Board CD recording White Board Marker
Abc Handout Smart Board CD recording White Board Marker
Abc Handout Smart Board CD recording White Board Marker

Main Aims

  • Funcational Language

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary, listening and speaking


Stage 1 (5-7 minutes) • Presenting the vocabulary in an interactive way.

Stick the photos of the events all over the walls of the classroom. Hand out the the names of the events to the Ss. Divide them into two groups. Ask them move around the classroom and stick the event that matches the photo.

Stage 2 • To ascertain what they had already known.

Hand out the previously prepared sheet of Ex. 1 and 2. Before demonstrating the way of doing the exercise the T will drill the phrases relevant to the life events as shown in the photos. T can use the recording in Ex. 3a.

Stage 3 • To prepare as for the controlled speaking activity.

For Ex. 5 and 6 the T will need plenty of repetition. T will drill and repeat the words to ascertain that the Ss received the TL. T will ask them to work in pairs and ask each other about the most important dates in each one's life.

Satge 4 • Giving receptive practice in the TL. Personalization

For Ex. 7 and 8 the Ss will work individually at the beginning where each one will write the other some of the most important dates in his/her life. Later, they will work in pairs to ask each other about these dates.

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