Zahra Zahra

teaching practice 1
upper-intermediate, B 2 level


This lesson focuses on reading for detail. They will read a text about a different kind of job interview. Teacher will elicit some of new words by giving the definitions to students. They will follow the task up with a short discussion.


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Main Aims

  • reading for gist and detail in the context of interviews

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in the context of a job interview


warmer / lead in (5-7 minutes) • to activate students' knowledge of the topic / to generate interest in the topic of the lesson

Teacher gives students a quick activity to spark their interest and introduce them to the context. she pins a copy of a picture in to the whiteboard and elicits detail about it from students.Teacher writes two questions on the whiteboard: 1) what do you think is happening?2) Do you think this question might really be asked in this situation?

Pre-teach vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • to pre-teach key lexis needed to help students understanding the text/ to pre-teach key lexis needed to help students complete the next task

The teacher tries to pre-teach the vocabulary by giving definitions to the students and then eliciting the new words.

reading for gist (5-8 minutes) • to encourage students to read for general understanding/ for learners to get an overview of the text

Teacher gives the reading part handout. Students should read the article and ascertain the actual answer to the second question in the warmer to check overall understanding. Teacher sets a time limit. Then students shares the answers with their partners.

reading for specific information (10-15 minutes) • to practice reading for specific information / to familiarize learners with the text

Teacher draws attention to highlighted words. She demos how to guess the meaning from context. She elicits possible meanings from students for one or two items.Then she gives them a folded list. She wants the students to work in pairs and then check the answers. Teacher divides the class into four groups and gives the students a list of three questions and wants them to write the answers with their own words in three minutes. After that they share the answers with the group.

speaking task (8-10 minutes) • to allow an opportunity to react to the text / to develop oral fluency on the topic / to provide an opportunity to personalize the topic

Teacher gives a list of questions to each group (also teacher can put the students into different groups) and wants them to discuss and evaluate if these questions would work well in a real situation. As feedback, teacher wants the students to share their answers with the whole class. If there would be extra time, teacher would ask the students add one or two other odd questions to the list individually and ask other students the new questions.

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