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TP 1 (11 Eylül 2014) - Future Plans / "be going to" vs "present continues for future""
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will get more familiar with using "be going to", “present continues tense for future” and "will" for their future plans. The lesson starts with a discussion about their plans at the weekend and in the next week. This is followed by reminding students the text of Machu Picchu and asking several questions from the texts which they can only answer with using future tenses. If learners are still not confident with using future forms; the meaning and the stucture of these future forms are to be explained in the context by the teacher intensively. Finally, there is an activity in which students will practice what they have already learned indivudually. In this activity, they write their ideas to improve İstanbul for tourists as being the mayor of the city and than finally share their ideas within their groups. The lesson ends with WCFB.


Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of "be going to", "simple continuous tense for future" and "will" in the context of tourism and indivudual plans.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy through semi-controlled speaking practice in a conversation in the context of future plans.


Lead-in (1-5 minutes) • An introduction will be made

I will make an introduction by asking them what are they going to do at the weekend. Than I take their attention to the grammar they are using reminding them that this is going to be a grammar lesson and they are going to learn how to talk on their future plans by using “be+going to”, “present continuous for future” and “will”. I’ll also add that they will get familiar with the differences between “be+going to” , “will” and “be+ing” (means present continuous for future).

Matching Activity (10-12 minutes) • To take their attention to the usage of "is going to" and "present continues tense for future "

I’ll ask them questions from the reading text which they can only answer with future tense. If they won’t be able to answer my questions as I have expected, than I will share them a worksheet with which they can match the answers and the questions. Than I’ll get WCFB.

Focus on Meaning (12-15 minutes) • Students will distinguish the aim of using different ways of future forms and their different meanings.

I will write 3 different sentences on board all of which is structured in the future form. I will ask them to discuss on the meanings of the sentences. Then I’ll get answers from them. Then I will make my own explanations. Following my explanation, I will ask them to write at least one sentences about themselves in each different future form.

ex. 1 in pairs (5-6 minutes) • To get familier them with the structure

The students will do ex. 1 in pairs. Once students have rearranged the questions and I have cheched the answers, I will get students in pairs to ask and answer the questions. I will get some quick WCFB on this after the activity.

Be the mayor of Istanbul (6-10 minutes) • Practicing grammar and vocabulary

I will set up ex.3 . I will show the picture of Kadir Topbaş who is the mayor of İstanbul. Then I’ll tell them that they are now in place of Kadir Topbaş and alone. They should think of at least one idea individualy to improve İstanbul for tourists. Then I want them to discuss their ideas in their groups. If I still have more time I will get some WCFB. In this stage, if I hear any problems with the grammar, I will certainly correct .

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