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Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will improve productive skill by speaking in the context of success.The Ss will also expand their vocabulary by doing semi-controlled exercises.They will discuss about succsessful people around the world.They will do gap fiiling exercise for related vocabulary and match the meanings with definitions. They will study prepositions during vocabulary teaching stage of the lesson.As a freer productive activity, they will personalize the success and share their ideas in WG.


Abc Answer key HOs
Abc Glue Pads
Abc preposition cards
Abc 3 celebrity pictures HOS
Abc P.80 HOs
Abc Half quote HOs

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in conversations and debates in the context of success

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of common prepositions with words in the context of success


Stage 1 (warm up) (4-6 minutes) • to set a context of success. and to energize Ss at the beginning of the lesson

-Introduce yourself and get to know their names -Write on the W/B and elicit ansers *What is the best way to be successful at English? -I: Discuss the answers with your pair and list your ideas in 2 minutes -OCQ -Are you alone? (PW) -Will your write full sentece of just ideas in a list?(List) -How many minutes do you have? (2) -Draw a fish-shaped cluster on the W/B and ask Ss: -I: come and write the ideas on the fish bone. -Draw attention on interesting ideas and praice them (FB)

Stage 2 (lead-in) (6-8 minutes) • to set the contect of successfull people

-I: -I will give some quotes (statements).But they are not completed. -with your partner think about the possible answers and complete the sentences. -You have 2 minutes for 3 Statements. (you can use " " and Atatürk to explain the meaning of quote) CCQs -How many quotes? How many minutes? (3-2) -Are you alone? (no) -will you finish the sentences? (yes) -Give the HOs (green ones) -Ask Ss to be a group and discuss answers in 2 minutes and find the best 3 answer. I:- work in group -Show your answers to everybody -Choose the best ones for every color. - CCOs- how many qoutes will you choose in total? (3) -will they from same color? (no -3 different) -You have___ minutes? (2) -Draw a stage like in olimpic games award moment on the board. -Let them stick the best 3 quotes on the board and read aloud. -Give the HOs of p.80 and let them read the original versions of the quotes. I: -Choose 3 friends of yours -Come to board and stick them on the stages -Read them aloud before sitting back. ICQs: - will you just stick the winners or? (read aloud) -Check your answers with the original ones and discuss the similarities with your group. FB- Any similarites with your answers?

Stage 3 (Vocab form&pron) (5-6 minutes) • to improve speaking skiils by focusing on word stress and pronunciation of the given words

ACHIEVE /FAILURE /SUCCES /OPPORTUNITY -Connect this stage with the previous one by looking at the winner quote and emphasising the 'success' -Drills the word -Beat out snapping each finger and place the syllables on each snap -Ask Ss to follow and join you. - You can use the following sentences to bound each word immediately after each other: The opposite of success is_____ (failure) to achieve(reach) your dream, you must be successful . If you are successful, you can find better job opportunities (chances) Do the ECDW activities like in the first example. Show the intonation of 'the opportunity' with risind and falling hands.

Stage 4 (eliciting meaning and prepositions) (11-13 minutes) • to improve productive skills by speaking and to practice some common prepositions with new vocabulary

I: -I will show 3 people to you. -Read the questions in 1B -Discuss with your partners. -You have 2 minutes for 3 picture. ICQs:-Will you write the answers? (no) -Are you in a group? (no/PW) -Pictures are on the paper or on the board? (on the board) -Minutes? (2) Point out the place of 1B in the worksheet.Let them read the questions and show the pictures before sticking them on the W/B. FB: no correction just praise them Give the following instructions: I: -Lets play guessing name together! -I will tell a story and for some words ı will stay silent. -You will say a word when ı am silent. ICQ:- What will you do when ı am silent? (guess a word) -Will you write something or say the words aloud together? (say) Story: I am a student at the___.I work --------- (hard)at vocabulary before exams.I am good at maths but ----- (better)at English.I speak in English with my friends. We---------(focus)on new words and ________(practise)them again again and again. FB: praise them.If they cannot find the words give some letters on the board like in the hangedman game. -Stick the preposition cards on the board and let students guess a few phrase with them.Use the story again to give some examples. I:-Look at the prepositions on the board. -We use them with some word. -Do you remember the story? -I said "ı work hard AT English". Write 'work' before the AT preposition. -Any other ? (Elicit answers) -Skimm the ex 2A box and 8 questions quickly and tell me other words with these preposition? Use come CCQs for the words Ss ask while skimming. - Now look at the ex 2A again and fill the blanks with these words alone. -You have 2 minutes. ICQS: Will we look at B or A ? (just B) Alone or with peer? (alone) Minutes? (2) FB: -Check them with your pairs? -Circle the different ones? Ask them the different ones and draw attentions of the prepositions as a clue. Answer the different ones on the board and give answer keys for rest of them. Let the Ss find the appropriate words for the definitions in ex 2B. I: -Now ,here are some meaning of these words -Read them and find the words form the box alone. -You have extra 2 words in the box. - You have 2 minutes ICQs: Are you alone? (yes) will you write the words from the box? (yes) You have extra -------- words in the box? Minutes? Let the students check their answers with the peers. Starting from the different ones write the answers on the board.

stage 5 (production-speaking) (10-12 minutes) • To develop productive skill by speaking and to give task based FB besides error correction.

-Set the groups -Write min 2 aspects on the board (social life/education/relationship etc.) -Let Ss choose the 2 of 8 phrases form ex 2B -Let them disscuss their ideas -While monitoring take notes (only task related sentences) -Conduct self correction for the mistakes. I: -Work in group -Chose 3 phrase form B part -Think about sentences about your success in education/social life/relationship -Are you successful? -Are you better at social life than career? -Share your ideas with group -You have 8 minutes ICQs: -How many phrases ? (3) -Where are the phrases? (exB) -Will you talk to your partner or group? (group) -Minutes (8) E.g.I believe in myself generally in my career. If I really want something, I am a high achiever. I don't stop untill I achieve my aim. Ask questions when the time is up.Create the questions according the notes taken during monitoring. E.g: -Who is better at social life? -Who is a higher achiever for education? Write 2 miscorrect 2 correct sentences of the Students and ask them to find the correct ones first then let them correct the rest of them. -Look at the sentences on the W/B -Find correct sentences. -Can you correct the false ones?

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