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Upper - Intermediate level


In this lesson, the sts are going to learn work collocations through a guided discovery and to improve their productive skills in the context of "Making a living".


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Main Aims

  • To teach vocabulary (work collocations) through a guided discovery approach

Subsidiary Aims

  • To improve productive skills in the context of "Making a living" and pay attention to MPF as well


Lead-in (1-3 minutes) • To elicit the topic of the lesson

The teacher draws two squares on the WB saying that it is the topic of the lesson. To guess the title, the teacher asks divides the class into two groups and two people to come to the WB back-to-back. Neither of them looks at the WB. But the rest have to give a definition. In the end there should be WORK COLLOCATIONS.

A story (13-15 minutes) • To elicit the meaning of the collocations

Work individually. The sts take a sheet of paper and a pen. The teacher reads a story with the collocations. When the teacher says the collocation, he/she will clap her/his hands in the meanwhile the sts make notes of the work phrases and the context. The teacher reads the second time. The students have to check their notes and maybe change something. Then they come to the stuck sheets of paper hanging on the walls(suns) and match the work phrases to their definitions.

MFP (5-10 minutes) • To focus on some new words' MFP

The teacher focuses on the most difficult ones (freelance, redundant), but if there were some words mispronounced in the lesson, the teacher has to pay attention to that issue and add these words to the list. Here the teacher explains the phrase stress as well as meaning and form. The sts do Ex. 1 in pairs and then check the answers with the teacher.

A semi - controlled activity (5-10 minutes) • to check the understanding of the topic

The teacher changes the pairs and instructs the sts to do Ex. 2 to circle the right word in the work collocations. Then the teacher gives the keys. If there are some questions, they discuss them. The sts work in pairs and discuss the first 5 questions. They reply to these questions relating to themselves. Upon finishing, the teacher changes the partners and they discuss the next 5 questions.

A freer activity (3-5 minutes) • To improve fluency and accuracy in this topic

The teacher divides the sts in groups. The sts discuss the the pictures drawn in the HO using as many work collocations as possible. The teacher monitors their answers carefully and makes notes f sts's errors..

An activity with a ball (2-3 minutes) • to drill the knowledge of work collocations

The sts choose one work collocation, turn their HOs face down, and without saying it, the sts gives a definition and the others have to guess what collocation it is. This person chooses the victim and throws the ball to him/her.

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