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In this lesson, students learn about Wh questions (What and Where). Students also practice the correct stressing and pronunciation. The context for the lesson is best friends. It contains question vocabulary, reading, speaking, and writing. A photo of the T's best friend is posted, a paragraph about the best friend is read, a recording is listened to, and if there is a time an activity where students provide questions to answers is done.


Abc Best Friend reading & questions HO
Abc Photo of Stephen
Abc Face2face Audio recording R5.8
Abc Textbook photo of people in recording

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary: presenting and practicing WH and yes/no questions in the 3rd person in the context of discussing best friends.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading and Speaking: providing students practice in reading for specific information and a semi-controlled speaking practice.


Warmer (4-6 minutes) • Main aim: Question vocabulary

1. Post a photo of best friend on WB and write his/her name. 2. Ask students who it is. If there is little response, say "I know him." Write "My best friend" after a few guesses from the students. 3. Have students do PW to make a question or two about the best friend. Give 1.5 minutes to this. Write "What is your question for (best friend)?" Get FB, make corrections. Ask students to ask each other the question on the WB. Drill the corrections with the class, especially for pron, stress, and intonation. Write their questions on WB.

Pre-reading (2-3 minutes) • Prepare students for vocabulary in the reading

1. Show a map of America. Ask what it is in order to elicit "map." Say, "America has 50..." and wait on students to say "states." Write "Tennessee" on WB, point to it on map, pronounce it, and say "What is Tennessee?" Wait on students to say "a state." 2. Show a map of Tennessee and point to Knoxville. Say "This is Knoxville." Write Knoxville on WB. Point out that the "K" is silent. Ask "Is Knoxville a state?" Then ask "What is it?" to elicit "a city." 3. Show a picture of a bicycle. Ask what it is. Ask how do I use it, write "I ___ a bicycle," and either wait for students to say "ride" or provide it for them.

While Reading (9-11 minutes) • Provide students with practice scanning for information.

1. Hold up HO with the reading and questions. Tell students to find the answers to the questions in pairs. Only give them 3.5 minutes. 2. Get FB by asking students to ask the questions and then answer them. Write answers on WB. Do corrections for stress, pron, and intonation for both questions and answers. 3. Ask students if their questions were answered. If so, get answers from them.

Grammar (6-8 minutes) • Explicitly teach students Wh questions.

1. Write Wh twice on the board. Ask students for question words. If they do not say them, hold up the best friend HO and ask for the Wh words again. Complete the Wh word as the students say them. 2. After the students have given all of the Wh questions, draw two lines down the WB, leaving a blank column in the middle, and on the right write the personal pronouns. Elicit from the students "do" and "does" for the personal pronouns After the columns are complete, ask 2 students 3rd person Wh questions. Tell them to write their own Wh question. Tell them to ask their neighbor the question. 3. Teach the question "What do/does (noun/pronoun) do?" and explain this means "What is (possessive pronoun) job?" It can be answered with "(Pronoun) (verb)" or "(Pronoun) is a/the..."

Speaking (6-7 minutes) • For students to correctly stress question sentences.

1. Explain that we will listen to a recording then repeat after it. Show students the photo of the people the recording references. 2. Play the recording, pausing after each one. 3. Write the sentences on the board. Put dots over the stressed syllables of the first sentence. 4. Call on students to do the others. Play the recording again. Pause after each one to ask if it is correct. While the recording is being played, students will be repeating after it again.

Writing (12-13 minutes) • Give students practice writing Wh questions.

1. Switch up the seating at this point in the class. 2. Tell students "Let's learn about each other's best friends." Ask students to ask each other their best friend's names. The students will take note of it being a man or a woman. 3. Ask students to write 3 Wh questions and one yes/no question to ask their partner about their bestfriend. Make sure the Wh questions are "Wh... do/does (your best friend)..." 4. While monitoring, ensure that correct sentences are being formed. When the students are ready, tell them to ask their partner. 5. Get WCFB on their partners' best friends. Correct pron, stressing, and intonation with drilling.

Speaking (6-8 minutes) • Elicit students to ask Wh questions.

1. Draw a picture of a cloud on the WB. Write answers to Wh questions about self in the cloud and explain that to students. 2. Pass out blank paper to students, get them to draw their own answer clouds and to write their own questions on the backs of the papers. Walk around and check on correct sentences during this time. 3. Do a mingle to find the questions.

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