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Vocabulary Holidays 2
Intermediate (B1) level


In this lesson Sts will be presented some new vocabulary connected with the Holiday time. And will practice using lexis bothi oral and written form.


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Main Aims

  • Text based presentation of vocabulary which refers to holidays

Subsidiary Aims

  • Practice TL through reading for gist and details and writing


Lead in (3-4 minutes) • To set the lesson context and engage students

The teacher prepares four sheets of paper: a fantastic beach, a great city, wonderful nature, an amazing adventure. At the start of the lesson the teacher puts these into the different corners of the classroom. The teacher asks the students to walk around and define what kind of a getaway they prefer and stay there. When they are defined, ask to think of three main reasons why they their type of destination is the best. Give them a minute to think. And after each group presents it to the class.

Reading for gist (6-8 minutes) • To elicit some vocabulary and to practice reading for gist to contexualise the TL

The teacher shows a slide with two pictures of Negril and Port Antonio, Jamaica. The teacher gives HO, asks the students to read within 1 minute to match a correct picture to the description. Negril photo A, Port Antonia photo B. Then they check in pairs if they are correct.

Highlighting the TL (6-7 minutes) • To read the text for details alongside with the highlighting TL

The teacher asks the students to read the text one more time and define if the sentences are True or False. They correct the wrong answers. They speak to each other in pairs and check. After we check and correct the wrong ones as a whole class. FInally they underline relevant adjectives in the text.

Clarifying target language (8-10 minutes) • To present the meaning form and pronuncition of the holidays vocabulary

The teacher presents a list of new words referring to the topic of holidays. They are cosmopolitan laid back range of reggae off the beaten track resort upmarket seclude picturesque scenery The teacher explains the meaning of the words with eliciting. Then stress and pronunciation. Drilling.

Language practice (4-6 minutes) • To practice the new vocabulary in the context of the new lexis

I arrange Sts into pairs and ask them to discuss the following questions: would you prefer to go to Negril or Port Antonio? Why? What sort of holiday destiniotion do you like? I ask students to use the adjectives while describing the holiday choice. Then we vote for Negril or Port Antonio and present the opinions.

Writing practice and pronunciation drilling (5-7 minutes) • To practice the lexis in writing and speaking and personalize it

I give students a list of the words and ask them to create a story about their favourite destination using ALL the words in the list in the same order and after to share their story. One student reads one sentence with the target language. Drill pronunciation in the list of the words one more time

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