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Going To
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will learn about the usage of "going to" for future intentions and plans. Students also will have an opportunity to put one of their productive skills into practice. Within the controlled, semi-controlled and freer activities, they will have chance to use the target language and practice their writing skills.


Main Aims

  • Grammer: To clarify and elicit the usage of going to within the context of making plans.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To enable students put their writing skills into practice.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

- T will set the lesson's context by refering to previous lesson - T will hang up the pictures of the people in the reading text (Isabella, Kamil, Ali, Colette) which students had activities about. -T will elicit information about these people from students. -T will put students in pairs and let them discuss about what they have learnt about these people's (Isabella, Kamil, Ali, Colette) plans.

Highlighting target language (5-7 minutes) • To highlight the target language through an uderlining task

- T will ask students to underline the going to sentences in the reading text, they will do it alone. -T will ask sts to pair check -T will reflect the reading text on the board. -T will ask sts to come to board and underline the going to sentences -T will give feedback to class with the participation of sts

Clarifying target language (8-10 minutes) • To clarifiy the maning, the form and the pronunciation of the target language

- T will select two marker sentences from the text - T will ask CCQs to ss in order to clarify the meaning such as: Is Colette doing an exam now? Is she talking about present, past or future? - T will also highliht the time expressions such as: next year, next month, next week - T will clarify the positive and negative form based on two marker sentences. - T will clafirfy the pronunciation by drilling

Language Practice (6-8 minutes) • To provide an ss to have a controlled practice

-T will give a hand out to ss which includes an exercise about the usage of going to. -Ss will do it alone then they will peer check -T will ask ss to come the board and write their anwers. -T will give feedback to class with the incorporation of the ss

Writing task/ Sem-Controlled and Freer Practice (7-10 minutes) • To allow students to have semi-controlled and freer practices in order to use their writing skill

-T will ask ss to write four sentences with "going to" (about what theay are going to the with their friends or family" by using time expressions as next month next week -T will ask ss to talk about it with their partners. - Ss will tell what they have learnt about their partner. -T will monitor and take notes. -T will divide the class into the two/three groups and ask ss to write three things that they are going to after class, next sunday or next week. -Ss will hang their sentences on the board. -Each team will try to guess which the owner of the sentences from other team- -The team who make correct guess the most win.

Feedback (6-8 minutes) • To provide feedback on the use of target language and writing skills, to do error correction

-T will do error connection and drill sentences -T will ask ss to come the board and read the sentences written by each team. -Ss from each team will tell what they have learnt about their teammate.

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