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free time activities 2
Elementary A1&A2 level


In This lesson students will learn and some vocabularies, and use them in the Simple present tense. In the context of free time activities. Also the students will practice some speaking and speaking in the same context


Main Aims

  • To provide gist, specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about Paul in the context of Phone call between Vicky and Alison. Alison is the wife a Paul

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of Free time activities in the context of regular conversation as a pair work asking and answering
  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a convesation in the context of f


Warm up (5-6 minutes) • Review some prepositions and regular activities, involve all the ss.

first ask who can tell what did we take last class, few will tell who can remind me with the prepositions song and move, we are going to review it together and drill it, some will nor recall it quickly, so I am going to monitor and correct. can you tell me some activities that you always do, often do on Sundays,

Lead in (5-6 minutes) • Brain storming, arise the interest between the all the ss to participate and be involved in the lesson adding a moral value by shedding the light upon useful and unuseful activities

Showing some pictures about the free time activities to Let the ss guess the title of the lesson and focus their attention on the context of the lesson. ask the ss what do you do in your free time. let every ss write the activity on the board.

famiiarizng (3-5 minutes) • focusing the concepts and meanings of some activities with the meaning

I'll model to the ss how to do the EXC then give the ss the HO1 to do it each one alone. Then check in pairs. THen see the Ak at the back of the HO

practice (8-10 minutes) • ss practice the use of the vocabularies of free time activities.

ask the ss to write down two or three sentences on their own free time activities on the back of the HO 1, Then correcting the mistakes quickly, and writing some ss's examples on the board to highlight the mistakes, and correct them. ss may use their mobile dictionaries.I will tell the ss if there is any word they don't know how to spell it just tell me to write it down on the board. It is better to highlight any noticeable points in the ss work with a high voice to highlight the point and let the ss feel know that good achievements or hard work will be noticed and rewarded. Salma has a noticable good writing abilities if she attends today I will ask her to write a paragraph and focus on her coherence and the level of the language.

practice (4-6 minutes) • conversing about the free time activities.

make new pairs, it is wise at this stage that to make peer pairs as to every one with someone else near to his level. I'll give them the directions to change their seats then ask them to speak for each other about their or any of their free time activities.

Pres listening task (3-5 minutes) • prepare the ss for the listening material

showing the ss a picture about Paul in the south pole. let the ss guess about the picture like a brain storming. Then showing the ss the questions that they are supposed to look at after the listening which are in the HO. They are supposed to listen and check for gist listening may be at first and it is better to listen for details in the second time. But in case and it is the most likely, to ask for another roleplay

Listening and after listening (2-3 minutes) • listen for gist and detail

I play the track then do a pair check after the first listening. Then it requires to play it again that will be Ok

practice (3-4 minutes) • speaking

I will ask the ss waht do you think that Paul is doing in his free time from the above worksheet.

listening (1-1 minutes) • listening for details

I will play the second track and let the ss check for what they have said.

Practice speaking • speak about the Vicky's free time activities.

If there is a time I will ask the ss tp practice speaking about the free time activities of Vicky.

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