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Tp3-Relationship and internet - listening
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson learners will focus on receptive skill (gist and detailed listening) and vocabulary (phrasal verbs). This lesson will be based on TTT concept (test-teach-test). The lesson is continuation of the lesson by Emine with the same context of relationships and internet. In the listening part learners will listen to a monologue, which describes the story of a movie named "you've got mail" which is about two people who fall in love over internet. Learners will focus on different activities based on this monologue, such as naming the genre of the movie and then re-arranging the jumbled sentences, as mentioned in order with the monologue. In vocabulary learners will practice the phrasal verbs related to relationships, learners will do an exercise based on the phrasal verbs and then will check their answers in groups After the task students will be given feedback on the activity using the white board, students will walk up to the white board and write the answer and their group or class will help them with the correct answer. in the end if there is any time left they will do another activity of phrasal verbs and make a story by re-arranging the phrasal verb given.


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Main Aims

  • To practice listening for gist and for detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce and practice using phrasal verbs related to relationships


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to review the context and topic of the class

As the students will do the related topic in class prior to this, the students will be given a review about the topic by discussing about the internet and chatting social media such as msn messenger, chatrooms, facebook etc. Teacher will show some pictures and elicit the details, and if they have ever used internet chatting to make friends and then teacher will move to the concept of relationship over internet and elicit some more details from students. After eliciting teacher will set the right platform for the listening topic "you've got email" which is about internet relationship.

Listening activity 1 (7-8 minutes) • To practice and develop the skill of gist listening

Students will listen to the audio from students book listening no 1.37, which is a monologue describing the store of the film "you've got mail". after listening to the audio the students will decide the genre of the movie, what kind of movie is it. to find out the genre of the movie students will just listen to the audio in a gist manner. After naming the genre students will discuss with their partner what genre they think it is and then the pair will check with other pair.

Listening activity 2 (8-9 minutes) • To practice detailed listening

students will listen to the audio 1.37 again and this time they will be given a task, to arrange the jumbled sentences in order its been mentioned in the listening. Teacher will give the instructions and do the ICQ and hand out the jumbled sentences and will ask students to arrange them in the order if they remember it. then after one minute teacher will play the audio clip and students will listen to it and do the activity on their own. after completing the activity they will check for answers with the student next to them. if the answers are not clear the students will listen again and re-order it. after the activity has been answered students will check in pairs and then the pair will check with another pair (pyramid checking).

Vocabulary exercise 1 (5-6 minutes) • To practice the phrasal verbs related to relationship

Teacher will change the seating arrangements and then students will be given a hand-out with two sections of sentences A and B with some blanks, and students will fill out the blanks and complete the sentences in A and b with a word and then match the sentences in A with the sentences in B. After completing the blanks students will check their answers in pairs and then pairs with other pairs. This activity will allow me to assess the students understanding and knowledge of phrasal verbs related to the relationship.

vocabulary exercise 2 (4-5 minutes) • Match the meanings of phrasal verbs

teacher will write down the phrasal verbs on the board and students will be given a hand out which will have the meaning of the phrasal verbs. The students will be divided into two groups and they will come up with answer as a group and one member from group will come and write the answer on the board and other students will help him/her.

Vocabulary exercise 3 (5-7 minutes) • To practice phrasal verbs

If there is enough time remaining after the students have matched the right meaning of the phrasal verbs i will follow with the another activity to test their understanding and learning. Teacher will write the phrasal verbs on board and two names, Leyla and Mejnu, and teacher will write an example e.g. Leyla and Mejnu had a lot in common. students will use the phrasal verbs and re-arrange the jumbled story. example: ask someone out mejnu asked leyla out. students will make such sentences and arrange them in order and make a story.

Lead-out (1-2 minutes) • To finish the class

teacher will ask the questions about phrasal verbs and what the students learned in lesson today and will finish the class

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