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TP Number 8
B1 level


In this lesson, after teaching some new vocabulary, students are going to practice reading for gist, specific information and detail in the context of nightmare neighbors as the main aim and later a semi controlled speaking practice in the same context.


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Main Aims

  • For Ss to practice Skimming and Scanning in the context of nightmare neighbors.

Subsidiary Aims

  • For Ss to practice semi-controlled speaking.


Lead-in/Warmer (3-5 minutes) • To set the context and lead the Ss into the main aim.

Show your related picture of neighbors and ask these questions to set the context: 1- Who are they? 2- Do they live in the same area? 3- Are they living in the same house? 4- Do they make each other angry? Once eliciting has finished ask them to have a quick talk to their partners about their neighbors.

Pre-teach vocabulary (10-12 minutes) • To clarify the new vocabulary for students.

Using a variety of pictures and CCQs the teacher clarifies the meaning of the words mentioned on the LA. Based on the rules of teaching vocabulary, after eliciting the meaning of each word, asking some CCQs will necessarily help and later, it must drilled, boarded and finally labeled. Remember that concept questions which are related to their cultural background would always help. The list of CCQs are available on the attached LA.

Reading for gist (3-5 minutes) • To increase Ss ability to skim/gist read.

The first HO will be given. Ss are asked to read the text quickly on their own and find the main clue of the text in 1 minute. Then they are asked to share their ideas in pairs in another time slot, 3 minutes. A quick feed back is run by asking these questions: 1- Is the writer happy? 2- Has she got a good neighbor? 3- Does she have any problems with her neighbor?

Reading for specific information (5-7 minutes) • To check the Ss ability to read for specific information (scanning).

The second HO will be given on which an Information Question task has been designed. Ss are asked to start reading the text individually and answer the questions in 4 minutes. Another 2 minutes for checking the answers in pairs will be provided. Answers will be boarded.

Reading for detail (10-12 minutes) • For Ss to exploit the text

The third HO is handed on which there is a Matching Task. Ss are asked to read the text individually and match the phrasal verbs in bold with the suitable meanings on their HOs. After 8 minutes ask them to check their answers with a partner in another 2 minutes. The answers will be pinned to the wall and they are asked to stand up & check them.

Follow-up (8-10 minutes) • To encourage Ss to talk about the topic. (production)

Ask Ss to think about the author. Ask this question: - What advice can you give her? In pairs ask them to talk about it in 3 minutes. You can demo the activity with some students. Give them the last HO on which there are some questions about neighbors. Ask them to talk about their neighbors with their partners for 5 minutes by answering the questions. After the time has finished, ask them to stand up and mingle around the class and find out about other classmates' neighbors. This way the feedback will be completely student-centered. In case you had some extra time, Ask them to offer some solutions for their problems in groups.

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