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Elementary level


In this lesson students will review wh- questions through some exercises and a listening stage and will learn the use of auxiliary verbs in question sentences.


Abc Projector machine
Abc CD and CD player
Abc Handout for gap fill and listening
Abc Handout with a table
Abc Handout with a table 2

Main Aims

  • To review wh-questions and auxiliary verbs through a listening stage and exercises.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening for specific information.


Lead-in (5 minutes) • Warm up the sts, review the question words.

*Some music videos will be shown to the students. They will figure out who and what kind of music it is in each video since they've already learnt the kinds of music in Berivan's lesson. *Elicit the 10 question words that they've just learnt and write them on the WB.

Pre-listening (7 minutes) • Sts to get ready for the listening stage

*A gap fill handout is given to the sts. They fill in the blanks with wh- questions in pairs. *Monitor the sts. *Check the answers. *Sts choose the correct answers in pairs.

Listening (10 minutes) • To listen for specific information.

*Sts listen to the record and check their answers. *Sts listen again if needed. *Discuss the answers.

Grammar (10 minutes) • To teach auxiliary verbs in question form and 'to be'.

*Write 'When did Madonna make her first record' and 'Where do U2 come from?' on WB. Elicit auxiliary and infinitive. If not tell them and write. *Sts look at the two questions on the WB and decide which one is past, which one is present. *Give sts the handout 2. *Sts write quiz questions 3 and 4 in the table in pairs. *Sts find the verbs in quiz questions 5-9 and underline them. *Sts identify the verb 'be'. *State that we don't use the auxiliaries with the verb 'be'.

Grammar Exercise (10 minutes) • Sts to make yes/no and wh- verbs considering the tense.

*Sts look at the sentences and decide if the questions are in the present or past. *Sts make yes/no questions with 'you'. *They write their questions in a column. *Monitor sts. *Check their answers. *Sts make follow-up questions with wh- questions in pairs. *They write their questions in a column.

Speaking (5 minutes) • Sts to do controlled speaking

*Sts ask their parners the yes/no questions, if the answer is yes they put a tick and ask the follow up questions.

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