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upper-intermediate level


Abc Cutting Edge Intermediate Students' Book pg.80
Abc Cutting Edge Intermediate Teachers' Book pg.57-58
Abc Cutting Edge Intermediate Students' Book pg.168
Abc Cutting Edge Intermediate Students' Book pg.168

Main Aims

  • To provide review of qiantifiers in the context of food.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice of vocabulary in the context of food


Warm-up (2-3 minutes) • to warm up and introduce the topic of quantifiers.

-Use the OHP. -Show a video of a husband and his wife talking about recipe and food. -Ask Ss if the husband was telling the right recipe.

Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • Test Ss' background about quantifiers. Elicit expressions that describe quantities

- Give the Ss a photocopy of page 80. - In pairs, give clear instructions to Ss to complete the gaps in "Language focus 2" from the box. - I monitor, help when/if necessary. - Play the recording to check the answers as a whole class. - Ask Ss if the expert's advice is good.

Language Analysis (8-10 minutes) • Intorduce the meaning of expressions that describe quantifiers.

- Ss read the analysis box and do it in pairs. - In ex.a 1, Ss in pairs underline the foods in the text. - Mark foods as countable and uncountable nouns. - In ex.b 1 , Ss mark the quantifiers in the box as used with countable (C), uncountable (U), or both (B). - In ex. 2, SS read the sentences and try to tell the difference in meaning between the pairs. - The teacher Hands out the answer key to check in pairs.

Controlled grammar practice (6-8 minutes) • Test students understanding of the quantifiers.

- In the practice section , Ss are going to write 12 sentences in 6 minutes, using the chart. - Monitor and help when/if necessary. - Give feedback as a whole class.

Grammar practice (5-8 minutes) • Test students understanding of the quantifiers again.

- In practice section 2, Introduce the text by asking Ss what kind of person is written for. - Ss work in pairs to read the text and choose the best quantifier to complete the text. - Emphasize that they should explain their answers. - Check Ss answers as a whole class and elicit explanations.

Freer Practice (8-10 minutes) • Ss get further practice

- Ss do ex.3 individually, they write an advice sheet about one of the topic they are given. - Give clear instructions to use the quantifiers in exercise 1. - When they finish, in pairs they will present their lists to their partners.

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