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This lesson will enhance students listening and speaking skills in the context of getting a flight. First, students will learn the necessary lexis to understand the conversation on CD. This will motivate them to listen to the CD. They will be exposed to listen to the CD a number of times to increase their comprehension through different activities. They will role play to produce what they leaned thought this lesson.


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Main Aims

  • To provide detailed listening about getting a flight.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency in speaking about getting a flight with conversational language.


Warmer/Lead in (3 minutes) • Free/controlled speaking activity to provide stimulus and prepare sts for listening

Will write in the centre of the board "Goal: check-in and board a flight" Make sure sts are set up in pairs. Pass out picture sheet with the necessary lexis. TT: Show the picture of a truck, mule, horse, camel and a plane. Share my story of travelling to Turkey. 1- Look at the pictures in this sheet. 2- Do you ever travel by plane? Do you like flying? Why? /Why not? 3 - talk to your partner, you have 3 minutes. Monitor sts conversation, if sts are not talking about the flight, encourage them by asking Do you like flying? Why/Why not? Feedback - sts share their experiences and say why/why not they like flying. - we will talk about parts of the airport before you fly/when you arrive.

Pre-teaching lexis (7 minutes) • To provide sts the necessary lexis for listening comprehension.

Pass out the matching activity: TT: 1- In this activity - match the words with the pictures. 2- work individually then in pairs, you have 3 minutes. I will use ECDW for lexis comprehension Boarding Gate: E - which one is the boarding gate? Check-in Security Baggage collection Customs Passport control

First listening (7 minutes) • To provide sts to listen for gist

Pass out (put sentences in order sheet) TT: 1 - skim at the sentences for few seconds 2 - listen to CD 3 - put these sentence slips in order I will do the first example on the board. 4 - work in pairs we will give feedback and discuss any differences as a class:

Second listening (7 minutes) • To provide sts to listen to certain details

Hand out fill-in-the-blank activity. TT: 1 - Look at the Listening 1b. 2 - Listen to the CD for particular information 3 - Complete the sentences 1-5 on your own Get in pairs and check your answers, give feedback

Third listening (7 minutes) • To provide sts to understand the detail information of the listen by being engaged

Pass out a different scenario of the situation questions to engage sts in detailed comprehension of the listening task. TT: 1 - Look at the questions, Blinda has a different situation. 2 - Listen to CD. (will stop the CD after each question, give them 20 seconds to write their answers) 3 - Write answers talk to your partner and discuss your answers. Monitor sts discussions and correct any misconception if required.

Planning for free practice (3 minutes) • To provide sts with an opportunity to elaborate to assign tasks to effectively role play using the given text

Will group sts in 3/group, being one the Check-in assistant, security officer, passenger Hand out sts role play cards with the associated language use TT: 1- Look at your role card 2- use the script for speaking 3- Plan on who is taking what role ICQ 1- are you working alone? No 2 - are you working in groups? yes 3- are you writing? No 4- are talking about who is doing (check-in assistant and passenger) 5- who is doing (security officer)? Monitor sts understanding of the concept. Correct any misunderstanding feedback: who is doing which role?

Free practice speaking activity (4 minutes) • Students play role similar to content of listening (check in and getting a flight)

TT: 1- you are at the airport. 2- Have 2 conversations: one at check-in, and the other at security. 3- change roles and have the conversation again. ICQ: 1- Are you travelling somewhere? 2- where will you go? 3- who is playing what role? raise your hands Monitor and give delayed feedback

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