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Upper_intermediate B2 level


In this lesson the students are going to work on reading comprehension through some tasks which is getting tougher in different gstages. They are also going to learn some new syntax that are going to be active in the following freer practice.


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Main Aims

  • Reading skimming and scanning

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary give students chance to elevate their language


Warmer (2-4 minutes) • To get the students familiar with the topic they are goning to go through

One of the best ways to get the students familiar with the topic of the text is to raise their curiosity and get them involved in reading the text. So, the only thing that is at large is to ask two questions which is about Turkish celebrities to meet two purposes. First enthuse them to read the text. Second to consider the criterion of cultural awareness. The two questions are written in a small pieces of papers and put them in a very balanced pairs to discussed the question and present their opinions to the class. I think this gives more chance of speaking to students.

Pre-teach vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • To teach two of the words that help students to understand the text.

There are a couple of words that give students a hard time to understand the text. In this stage I can ask some questions in which the new words are used. The students will definitely ask for the meaning and I per-teach them. The best technique to raise the STT is to elicit the meaning. For instance I ask them to give me a synonym for illness and help them by writing its letter one by one. As they manage to make the right guess, I will ask ICQs. The ICQs are for the sake of students' understanding and putting them at ease to read the text purposefully.

While reading- Skimming the text (3-6 minutes) • The students are going to learn how to read a text and understand the entire of it in a very limited time.

Sadly, many English learners are in a wrong track when it comes to read a text. They usually use the fossilized method of reading the text word by word and use the dictionary to understand the text. The aim of reading the text in a limited time and doing a specific task is to improve their abilities in skimming. It is so important to read the text silently and do the task individually. Then, they are put in pairs to check their answers. The process of checking answers in pairs raises the STT and actually the majority of class activities is upon the students. After that I ask each pair to answer one of the questions. Then I Ask the entire class if the answer is right or not.Then in the end I will give them the answers to save the time. Something that is really important is to keep monitoring them after they have been instructed to prevent any likely disturbance from happening. Using the right gesture to point the students to do something is another criterion that must be considered so as to avoid being insulting to students.

While reading- Scanning the text (8-10 minutes) • To improve the students pace of close reading

In this stage the students are going to read the text very carefully in more limited time and they are to draw all their attention to find the conceptual answers of the questions. First they are instructed to read the text silently the same as the previous stage and try to find the answers. As they are asked CCQs, I will go to each group to have a short look on them to see if they are on the task or not. Then I keep monitoring them constantly in case they cause any disturbance by talking to each other or reading out loud. After that I put them in different pairs to have more interaction patterns and ask them to discuss their answers. Then with the right gesture I will ask each group to read the answer to the class and I elicit their agreement. If their answer is true we keep going on, But if not, they discuss it with the WC. After all I will give them the answer to save the time

While reading- checking vocabulary (7-10 minutes) • To improve the area of vocabulary

In this stage students will practice the true usage of vocabulary in the context and they are activate them in the following stages. In this stage it is very important how to instruct the students. Before everything I ask the students to turn over their paper and have their attention on my own paper. This result in reducing the students' distraction. Then, I instruct them to match the highlighted words with their definition. In this stage I am going to practice the mingling interaction pattern. They have to match the words with their definition in their own group and then each group goes to check the other groups' answer. Again I will give them the answers and give them good enough time to master the new words. In the end I will ask them CCQs to make sure they have learnt the vocabulary.

Freer practice (8-10 minutes) • To the students chance to practice the new words through discussing their ideas of the topic

In the last stage the students have a good chance to discuss any ideas they have got about the given question. I line up the students base on their length from the tallest one to the shortest. Then I call a student from each head of the line to make a new pair. Then they will discuss the question. Something that I have to consider is to not interrupt the students while they are talking. Just take the note of their mistakes and in the end put them on the board and elicit the correct answers. Constant but intangible monitoring would affect the quality of the class.

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