Jasmine Carroll Jasmine Carroll

Intermediate level


Reported Speech, using tell & ask with the infinitive.


Main Aims

  • My main aim of my lesson is grammar. Using the context of compensation culture I will teach how to use tell/ask + infinitive to report questions or orders.

Subsidiary Aims

  • My sub aim will be lexis. I will teach new reporting verbs again following the compensation culture context.


Lead in (4-4 minutes) • Get the students interested in the topic of "compensation culture"

Ask students what they think "compensation culture" means. Link in with the stories that they have just read by explaining in England & America it has be come very common for people, if they have an accident, to try and get compensation (money) from people who's fault they think it is! Ask Ss if this kind of thing happens in Istanbul? Can they think of any accidents that have happened to them?

Introducing lexis (10-10 minutes) • Introducing new vocabulary using guided discovery & revising previous reported speech

Tell Ss that before I was a teacher I worked in a restaurant. A customer actually tried to sue me. Read Ss my story then give them H/O 1, In pairs ask them to match the definitions to the words. Peer check answers, Drill & check pronunciation.

Definition of new vocab (4-4 minutes) • Get Ss to match the new vocabulary with with sentences to check the concepts

Give Ss handout of sentences and ask them to match them to match the new verbs to the sentences. Peer check the answers.

Grammar form (12-12 minutes) • Introducing the form for reported speech when using tell & ask with Infinative

Tell students the verbs they have just looked at are reporting verbs. Ask the class how they think we report back questions. For example this is some direct speech from the text in Methi's lesson "can you show me the mens room" how would I report this back using the verb ask? Elicit the answer if possible. Do the same process with request again using direct speech from the text "don't go back for three weeks" Explain about tell being irregular & elicit the formula

Task 1 (7-7 minutes) • To get the students to practice the grammar they have just learnt with controlled practice

Give Ss some direct speech I have taken from the text in Methi's lesson, ask them to turn it into reported speech using tell/ask + infinitive. CCQ; what is the infinitive of watched? Give Ss answer key. Any Ss that finish early give them a HO 2 and use the new verbs to make the sentences into reported speech.

Task 2 (8-8 minutes) • For the students have freer practice in using the grammar they just learnt

In pairs get the Ss to report three sentences about things I have asked/told them to do in this lesson. Using ask & tell. ICQ; who are you reporting on?

game (0-0 minutes) • If their is any time left over

Put Ss into 2 groups, get each Ss to read out their question to the other group, who will them have to convert it into direct speech.

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