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Technology vocabulary and verb "to have" in present simple
Beginners level


Students will learn words used in relation to technology at home, school or work and get a chance to use them in context. They will also go over the verb to have in present simple.


Abc Handout2 - Review
Abc Handout 3-Survey
Abc Handout1 - match game

Main Aims

  • The aim is to familiarize students with vocabulary they use daily in relation to technology and get them to feel comfortable using this vocabulary to create sentences, drawing on prior knowledge as well.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will also get familiar with the language of emails as well as using 'to have' in sentences.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the concept of technology and get students interested

I will hang a picture with the logo TECHNOSA - which is abbreviate for Teknoloji and Sabanci. I will ask students to explain to me what this logo means. We will write the word technology on WB, spell and pronounce it showing the word stress as well. I will then show them a flier with some of the items sts will learn about and I will then ask what they sell at this store and write some of their answers on the WB.

Exposure and Task (8-10 minutes) • To provide instructions for the task and have them execute it

I will give sts instructions to match the words to the pictures and then give them HO1. I will remind them to look at the words carefully while completing the task. They will have 2 minutes to work in pairs. I will ask students individually to provide their answers so we actually hear the words for the first time. I will write each answer on the WB, having them try to remember the spelling (I will ask them not to look at their sheet for the spelling.) When we finish, I will go over the pronunciations, showing them where the stress is and then drilling them.

Using productive skills and introducing "to have" (11-13 minutes) • Using the vocabulary and introducing "to have" in practice

I will give students HO with survey on one side. We will review and write the words on the blank side. I will then write an example sentence on WB and ensure they understand the meaning by asking one student to ask me a question. I will then ask students to go pair up and ask each other similar questions using the survey. The sample question will be "Do you have a _____ at home/at work/at school?" (Have will be highlighted and I will elicit its meaning) Yes I do/No I don't. When they are done, I will elicit their help to write I/you/we have, He/she/it has on WB and ask for a sentence with each one.

Exposure and Practice (5-7 minutes) • Showing how parts of internet and email words are pronounced

Students will be exposed to the @, . com and / symbols within the internet and email contexts. (make sure at is pronounced correctly) Then I will ask for a raise of hands as to who has email. I will tell them we have a new website - http// (spell together) ferhunde's email address would then be What would yours be? and have sts ask each other the question "what is your email address?

Review and practice (8-10 minutes) • To allow students to go over vocabulary and recall some of previous lessons

I will have Zeki, Galini and Yasemin enact a scene to have them conversing using words students have all learned. I will ask them to go slow and for sts to watch very carefully. I will then ask them all to look at the bottom part of their flier and choose words to fill in blanks so they can get to revisit some old vocabulary as well. They can then review what they wrote in groups of 3 if we have time. The exercise will give sts a chance to work on both their receptive and productive skills.

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