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Teacher Goes on Holiday
Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate, Prep Speaking level


In this lesson Ss will discuss various topics related to travel, focusing on common complaints about travel and what to bring while traveling in both normal and extreme circumstances. A running dictation exercise will introduce the WC to some slang terms, related to irritating people and situations encountered while traveling.


Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with the opportunity to speak informally about travel recommendations, using the TL of modal verbs (should, could, will, would, might, must)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To talk about the future, using the future simple (will and going to), to describe plans that have been made just now and in the past


Warmer/Lead-in (14-17 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Write on the WB "Travel: Things that Irritate Us." Elicit from the Ss some examples of things that are annoying when traveling. Write some of the Ss’ answers on the WB. Elicit some possible solutions to these annoyances. Distribute the HO on some common annoyances while traveling ('Travel: Things That Commonly Irritate Us'). Divide the WC into groups and have them discuss the HO. "Did we already mention any of the things listed on the HO? As a group, pick the top 3 worst annoyances in this list? Why do you consider them the worst? What can we, as travelers, do to avoid these annoyances or solve them?" Use WC FB to comment on the groups' discussions.

Unfamiliar Language (25-28 minutes) • To introduce slang expressions for describing annoying things while traveling

Write on the WB some slang terms related to specific irritating situations and people that we encounter when traveling: LAVAHOG; AISLE SALMON; CRANKOPHONE; GET INTO A CARBUNGLE; FARFLUNK; OVERHEAD DIN; SUITCHASE; BUGGAGE; and, CHECKPOINTLESSNESS. "These are all slang words that describe some annoying behaviors, and situations, while traveling." Elicit from the WC any guesses for the meaning of these slang terms. Divide the WC into groups of 5 and direct their attention to the paper slips taped on the walls. Instruct the groups that they are going to complete the ‘9 Irritating Travel Experiences’ HO by defining each slang term on the WB. “The definition for each word is located throughout this classroom and in the hallway. One person, in each group, must go to a slip of paper, read the definition, and then return to your group to share that definition. Each group member should do this at least twice (with the exception of one person), for two different slang terms. While sharing with your group, you may return to your vocab slip of paper. However, you may only read your slang definition twice.” Once the groups have successfully completed this activity, instruct each group to discuss these slang terms. Have they experienced any of these people (or situations) in the past while traveling? If so, which ones did they find most annoying and why? And finally, how can we avoid these annoying people and situations? Following GW discussion, bring the WC together for FB.

Productive Task: Packing for a Trip (25-28 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

Write on the WB "What To Pack?" Elicit from the WC what they generally pack in their suitcase when they go on holiday. Write some of the Ss’ answers on the WB. "We are all going on a holiday next week, to Malta Greece, but we only have a backpack to bring with us. Refer to the list on the WB again. "What is unnecessary in this list? What can we delete from this list? Is there anything we should add to this list?" Elicit from the Ss if anyone has gone on an adventure holiday (somewhere much less comfortable than the beaches of Malta). "What type of destination do you think would be considered an adventure holiday?" Possible Answers: climbing Mount Everest; exploring the Amazon Rainforest; generally any holiday that includes activities that are difficult and/or involve some risk or danger. Ask the Ss to think about their backpack again. What different items might they pack if the destination was much less friendlier to travelers than a beach holiday in Malta (write on the WB). Distribute the desert activity HO to the groups ('Three Days in the Desert'). Inform the Ss that the T is sending them on a trip to the Gobi Desert--in Mongolia--for three days. They have a map and a 2 liter bottle of water (per person) on them. "In your groups, please look at the list on this paper. What three other items would you bring with you on your trip to the desert? Why would you bring those specific items with you, over the others?" Following GW discussion, elicit from each group their choices. Ask for WC FB and responses to each group's choices. Determine which groups would survive in the Gobi desert, based on their supplies. Come up with a final, WC consensus on what the class will bring to the Gobi desert.

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