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Teaching Practice 4
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will work on a book cover and through out the story and the reading tasks they will be able to work on "gist-reading" and "Scanning" which leads them to learn the grammar related to this topic.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about "No longer at ease" in the context of A book cover in order to understand the story and ask them selves whether they sympathies with the characters in the text or not? Why or why not?

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of Adjectives in order to describe a person in the context of Description of the characters in the text


Lead-in • To elicit the meaning of "No longer at ease" from Ss

The teacher starts the lesson with an anecdote using this phrase "No longer at ease" in it. Then he/she asks the Ss to think about the meaning of it. "What is the meaning of this phrase?" The answer will be "not comfortable anymore". For further understanding of this phrase teacher asks the Ss to think of a time when they were no longer at ease somewhere?

Background information of the novel • To get the idea of the novel

Teacher gives Ss a text about background information about a novel. She/he asks the Ss to read the background info and try to answer "why do you think Obi Okonkwo might feel "No longer at ease"? We can discuss about this question in a whole class activity.

Gist • To be able to answer some questions related to the text

The teacher gives the book cover of the novel to Ss. then he/she asks them to read the text quickly and try to discuss the questions written on the board with their partners about the text. 1. What is Obi's job? 2. Who is Obi's visitor? 3. What happens?

Scanning • To scan the text for details

Teacher asks Ss to read the text again but this time they need to look for details. In pairs or small groups they have to write a short description of each man. Teacher provides some "useful language adjectives" and they need to use this words in their descriptions. They need to refer to the lines in the text when we are checking their descriptions. For a better understanding teach can use the OHP to show the students the text on the board and by using markers they can highlight the informations as well.

Discussion • To discuss more about the novel

Teacher asks his/her Ss "Do you sympathies with either of the characters in the texts? Why or why not? It can be done in a whole class activity in order to give a chance to the weak students to talk ( by nominating them.)

The story continues... • Further reading tasks

Teacher asks the students to work in pairs( maybe changing partners) and read another text for getting more information about the novel. After that teacher asks them "Does it change your answer to the previous question?"

Obi's Trial • For further reading and disccusion

Teachers tell the Ss that "Obi is found with some money by the Nigerian police and he goes to trial. How do you think he reacts?" then he/she can give a text the the Ss about Obi's trial. Teacher has to elicit the answers from them. NOTE: INSTRUCTION BEFORE HANDING THEM THE TEXT! ASK THEM TO JUST READ THE TEXT! DO NOT DO THE EXERCISE WITHIN IT!!!

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