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Teaching practice 2
A1, Beginners level


In this lesson, students learn about nationalities and colours. The lesson starts with a quick review of the countries. This is followed by listening comprehension exercises and several oral drills activites. The lessons continues with controlled speaking practice of colours, nationalities, flags and countries.



Main Aims

  • to introduce vocabulary of nationalities and colours.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide controlled speaking practice of the TL.


STAGE 1 - LEAD-IN (4-5 minutes) • to revise countries

1. Great Ss and ask "How are you?" 2. Review countries: show famous people pictures and ask: "What is her/his name? Where is she/he from?" Start with a Turkish person (Ajda Pekkan/Cem Yilmaz), continue with other countries' famous people (1 famous person per student).

STAGE 2 - INTRODUCTION TO COLOURS (12-15 minutes) • to ask and say the colours

1. Play the recording (CD 46, photocopy page 26). Ask Ss to listen and repeat some colour words. Drill them (WC, small groups,individually) 2. Ask "What colour is this?" (flashcards). Drill the answer (whispering, in a hurry, mingling). Add 3 colour words if Ss are familiar with the previous ones. 3 Ss choose a coloured pencil and drilling continues "What colour is this?" "This is blue" (mingling)

STAGE 3 - INTRODUCTION TO NATIONALITIES (12-15 minutes) • to ask and say the nationalities

1 Ss match countries and nationalities (Ex 2 photocopy page 26) (PW) 2 Play the recording (CD 47 photocopy page 26) Ss listen and check. Play the recording again and ask Ss to repeat (S-class). 3 French, Turkish, Italian are nationalities! Go back to famous people pictures. Ask Ss "Where is Ajda Pekkan from? "What nationality is Ajda Pekkan?" "She's Turkish" (WC) 4 Drill nationalities according to their endings -ish (Turkish, British, Spanish), -(i)an (German, American, Russian), -ese (Chinese, Japanese), other (French) (Write capital letters and strong stress in red) (WC, small GW, S) 5 Complete HO with nationalities

STAGE 4 - SPEAKING PRACTICE (8-10 minutes) • to describe flags and their colours; to review nationalities and countries

1 Demo the speaking practice (flag flashcards) "What colour is the Turkish flag?" "The Turkish flag is red and white" (T-S) 2 Put Ss in pairs to describe the flags they chose (EX 4 page 26). 3 Check each group answers (S-class) 4 Practise the TL both written and oral (HO final speaking practice) (PW)

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