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Functional Language, asking/answering age questions. Numbers 21-101
Beginner level


Reviewing numbers and asking each other their age.


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Main Aims

  • Functional Language for asking/answering about ages, numbers 21-101

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening and speaking


Warmer (8-10 minutes) • To review numbers 21-101

Tell students these numbers are not in order. Would they come up and put them in the correct order. What number comes first? Which one is next? Ask for volunteer to put next one in order. Now everyone come up and finish putting them in the correct order. Is it correct? Make any changes. Ask me: "How old are you?" Ask several ss the same question and have them ask me. Have ss ask each other.

Exposure 1 (10-15 minutes) • To drill numbers, their pronunciation (through listening skills) and spelling

Listening drill 59. Listen to the number and repeat it. ICQ: Are you listening? Do you need your pens? Will you repeat? Play CD Listening 60. Listen and match the number to the correct word. Show them the first one as an example. ICQ: Do you need to write? Do you need a pen? Pass out HO. Play CD. Have students check answers with partners. Play CD again. Have Volunteers come to board to check answers. Listening for pronunciation: This is a listening exercise. Listen to the numbers. ICQ: Are you listening? Are you speaking? Play CD. Listen again and repeat. ICQ: Are you listening? Are you speaking? Play CD. Open Pairs, PW to drill.

Exposure 2 (12-15 minutes) • To listen, ask and answer for the age of something or someone.

Listening ex. 62: Look at these pictures. Fold the paper like this so you only see the pictures. ICQ: Are you going to fold your paper? Are you looking at this side? Hand out papers. Can you tell me about the first picture? What do you see? Are they young or old? How old are they? Is it a person or a thing? Match the picture with the conversation. Listen and write. ICQ: Are you listening? Are do you need a pen? Play CD. Demo first one. PW to check answers. Check answers by asking for volunteers. Listening 62 Listen and fill in blank. Fold your paper like this. ICQ: are you folding your paper? are you writing? Demo first one. Play CD. PW to check answers. Ask student to read sentence in FB.

Exposure 3 (5-6 minutes) • To practice functional language by listening and asking about the age of someone or something.

Listening 63. Listen ICQ: Are you listening? Do you need your pen? Put your pens down. Play CD. Listen and repeat. ICQ: are you listening? Are you speaking? Play CD. Look at the pictures. Ask questions Person or Thing? He or It? Listen and repeat sentences. Play CD.

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