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Copy of The Virtual Revolution, Watching DVD
Intermediate level


Initially, students are going to learn and practice some vocabulary about the impacts of internet preceding a video which analyses the statistics of good and bad sides of it.The learners will also do several activities based on the video named "The Virtual Revolution".


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Main Aims

  • To provide detailed listening practice using a text about The revolutionary impact of the internet in the context of The good and the bad sides of the internet, statistics showing how much internet people use, comments from some of the best-known internet pioneers.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Debate in the context of How the internet has changed the world, negative and positive sides of the internet.


Icebreaker (3-4 minutes) • To provide students a comfortable atmosphere before starting to the tasks.and attract their attention.

- Open the web-site "Twitter" and start writing some statements on it. - Ask these questions writing them on tweet box: "Good morning class", "How are you today?", "How was your day yesterday?" "What am I doing now?", "Which web-site is it?" "How is our communication?" - Get the students answer these questions and also let them ask you and aswer them by writing as well. -Try to attract their attention as much as possible as a good warm-up session.

Leading (7-8 minutes) • To make a short beginning to the topic and arouse their awareness.

-Show a picture consisting your 3 favoure web-sites and encourage the students to ask some questions about each one. -Get them write their 3 favourite web sites on the papers and ask them to stand up and ask each other. -While they are discussing play a song named "Lazy Song" from Bruno Mars to create a relaxing enviorenment. -Get them speak until the song ends and talk about their partners.

Introduce the context (3-4 minutes) • In order to introduce the topic "revolutionary impact of the internet" and let them speak about how the internet has changed the world?

-Show the students a picture about the evolution of the mankind starting in the shape of monkey and ending with using computer. - Let them think about the picture 1-2 mins. with their partners. - After 2 mins. ask some questions about the picture and encourage them to speak : "What do you see?" "How do we call this change of the human beings?" "Why does the progress end with a man using computer?" - Get FBs from each pair.

Pre-teach vocabulary (9-10 minutes) • To teach the words "pioneer" and "censorship" which are essential for comprehending the DVD

-In order to explain the word "pioneer", show the picture of the leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and ask questions about him: "Who is this", "What kinds of things did he do in Turkey?" "Were these things done before him or was he the first person?" -Elicit the meaning of the word from the students. - Make CCQ to check their comprehension. -Drill it with them. -Write down the word on the board and ask which form of speech it is. -To teach the word "censorship" and ask some questions to the students about the changes in the regulation of the Twitter and Youtube. -Ask them if they could use these websites during those times? -Elicit the meaning of the word from the students. - Make CCQ to check their comprehension. -Drill it with them. -Write down the word on the board and ask which form of speech it is.

Pre-watching (3-5 minutes) • To increase the students' awareness about DVD

-Tell the students to have a quick look at the text in exercise 3 named "The Virtual Revolution" in order to answer the questions : "What is it about?" "Who does the presenter speak to?" "Get them discuss the questions in pairs. -FB with each pair.

Watching the DVD (9-10 minutes) • To get the students read some sentences about DVD and put the sentences into order while watching.

-Get the students read the sentences in exercise 4 and check the comprehension. Give the students handouts of the statements in exercise 4 -Get them know that they are going to put these sentences into order while watching it. -Get them be pairs and do the task in pairs. -Let them check their answers with the other pairs. -Give the answer key of the exercise.

Post-watching (9-10 minutes) • To enable them to answer the questions based on the DVD they watched and match the people to the extracts in 5a

-Put the students into groups according to their favourite teams in Turkey. -Tell them they are going to match the people in the video to the extracts in 5a. - Give them the handouts of exercise 5A in the shape of cut-ups. -Give them 5 mins. to complete. -Tell them to compare their answers with the other groups. -Watch the DVD again to check the answers. -Tell the students to have their answer keys under their chairs and check if their answers are right or not.

Post-watching (8-9 minutes) • Enable the students to discuss some questions in groups.

-Get them stay in their groups and ask the quesion: "Do you think there are any negative sides of the internet or is it all positive?" -Let them discuss the question and monitor them closely. -FB with each group.

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