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Assessed TP 6
Pre Intermediate - A2 level


In this lesson students will be involved in discussions about Home Comforts through social background knowledge and a reading text. There is some related vocabulary that teacher introduces during the lead-in (building schema) stage. Students will scan the text for specific information and skim it for details, pushing through the lesson by doing matching sentences activity with text paragraphs, and finalizing it by having students to discuss an issue about "men VS. women at business", thus engaging them in (speaking) productive skill development via a cline debate, where they will as well use the just-learnt vocabulary in context.


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Main Aims

  • To give students practice in reading for gist, specific information and detail, and in deducing meaning from context through a reading on "Home Comforts", also to teach some vocabulary concerning trades and market.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To raise students' awareness of related lexis. To give students practice in speaking for fluency through discussing, giving opinions and agreeing and disagreeing.


Warmer, Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To engage students by raising awareness of the rading text topic by an example from my own life experience

Engage students by drawing the map of my country and some branched lines so as to indicate two words like: "branch" and "chain" which will be the focus of the reading text further in the Pre-Reading Stage, and talk about my boss who is a woman and one the most successful businesswoman in my country, thus make a lead-in to the topic of the lesson.

Pre-Reading Stage (13-14 minutes) • Pre-teach some vocabulary.

I will put 2 pictures on the WB. The first is Camden Market in London, and the second is a furniture shop. The pictures help build schema about the coming reading part on Home Comforts, which also give me the opportunity to write some vocabulary on the WB which will appear in the reading text further. So, by having students express their knowledge about markets and furniture shops in their country I elicit the words' meaning, do some CCQs and then drill the words. In order to progress with top-down approach to the text, I ask students to work in pairs and discuss about women they know who have become successful at their business or any trade, then get their answers.

While-Reading Stage (11-12 minutes) • Have students read the text for gist, and then eliciting further details from text as we progress, so as to work on receptive (reading) skills.

I give instructions to the students to work in pairs and read the first paragraph of the text to find out what the woman's job is now, checking their answer afterwards. Then I tell them to work in pairs again and read further in the text and find out what the young woman became good at making, checking their answers afterwards. Again, they are told to work in pairs, skim the text further to the end and find out what she managed to do successfully in time, and then I check on their answers. In addition, students are told to work in pairs, scan the text and put the events from the text in order they appear.

Post-Reading Stage (13-14 minutes) • Increasing speaking (productive) skill

Lastly, I write a question on the WB: "Who works more, men or women?", and tell students to sit in circle and debate on the topic where students get the opportunity to do some free speaking practice for the remaining minutes of the lesson.

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