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In this lesson, students will use do/does/doesn't in the Present Simple to describe talking about jobs within a framework of logistics, details of the job, and students' personal feelings toward their jobs.


Abc Whiteboard & Markers
Abc Handout adapted from Straightforward Beginner's book (Page 47 Grammar Ex: 1)
Abc Large Sticky Cut-Ups for WB
Abc Pictures of different professions
Abc Question prompts Speaking Ex: 1

Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of present simple grammar in the context of in regard to jobs (details of, logistics, student likes and dislikes).

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy in speaking practice by way of conversations styled as an interview about jobs in the context of hours, difficulty level, transportation utilized, feelings toward and location.


Stage 1: Lead-In/Context (4-5 minutes) • To refresh students' memory in regard to present simple when talking about whether they have a job or not and to prepare them for similar questions later in the lesson.

-T asks Ss if they have a job. Choose a female, male, two students and T when asking. -Elicited responses will include from both individuals and the class: Yes, I have a job. Yes, you have a job No, I don't have a job. Yes, SHE has a job Yes, HE has a job. Yes, THEY have a job. No, SHE/HE doesn't have a job No, THEY don't have jobs. On the WB, T will write a basic chart: Do you Does she/he HAVE A JOB? Do they Do you we WALK TO WORK? they Does he/she TAKE THE BUS?

Stage 2: MEANING (5-6 minutes) • Provide students with chance to conceptualize grammar meaning of both positive & negative forms of do/does in sentences that require correction.

-T plays Audio 1.81 (Lord Duncan clip) to refresh Ss memory. Instruction to listen and remember from yesterday with Michelle. -Handout to Ss with sentences adapted from Grammar Ex: 1. Sentences are incorrect and require correction by the Ss. Ss work in groups to make corrections. - T puts written FB on WB.

Stage 3: FORM/FUNCTION (7-8 minutes) • To provide students with opportunity to understand present simple form in full sentences.

-T divides students up by colored strips of paper to allow for three or four teams. -T puts sticky cut-ups on the two WB in the class. -T models for Ss how to arrange words into an accurately formed sentence. -Group students according to color (should produce 3-4 teams), and have them go to the board to arrange their sentence correctly.

Stage 4: PRONUNCIATION (4-5 minutes) • Afford students opportunity to hear different native English speaking intonation.

-T instructs students to listen closely...T says three sentences aloud first time. -T says sentences again and says them with a "robot-like" intonation. T uses hand motion to parallel intonation sound as all sentences are read. -T asks...which sounds right? Say out loud again and write on WB a "swoop" to mimic the intonation and also one for the robot sounding sentence. -T asks students to pick which one is right. -Choral drilling for all three sentences with accurate intonation.

Stage 5: CONTROLLED PRACTICE (10-12 minutes) • Give students controlled practice and chance to produce by talking about different jobs utilizing questions on WB as prompts

T writes on WB in prep for activity: Prompts from SPEAKING Ex: 1 -T provides students with images of different jobs. T models with an able student a pretend interview about the other person's job. Ss do not tell each other what they are, but must guess. -T as models interview with student, she points out question prompts on the board meant to help Ss figure out what job the other has.

Stage 6: FREER PRACTICE (7-8 minutes) • Give students a chance to produce and speak.

-Ss trade job photos with each other and interview again, using same prompts on WB. This time, T instructs to say what they like best about their job or why they don't like it, giving them a chance to use some of their own preferences and allow for less controlled speaking. -T provides delayed correction on WB if time.

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