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Abouzar- 25/03/2016 - Reading and vocabulary
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students learn about some new vocabulary through a guided discovery based on the reading text about the party. Students are supposed to discuss the different activities that people mostly do in some parades or carnivals and the text is a good recipe for elevating their language by learning some new related words. Finally there is a controlled practiced on learner’s comprehension and vocabulary understanding.


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Main Aims

  • scanning a text to answer specific questions about festivals which leads to raise student's comprehention

Subsidiary Aims

  • To use festival-related vocabulary from the text to complete a summary


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To warm up the class about the topic about the party and enthuse them to talk about different activities they usually do in the party or different ceremonies.

Teacher has an excellent example of a celebration which was recently held and students know about it well. That is a good excuse for the teacher to start talking about it and ask students to share their memory and also whatever they would like to do in the ceremony with his partner. Then write the word "party" on the board and brainstorm the ideas.

Pre-reading, pre-teach vocabulary (4-6 minutes) • To teach some new words that their ambiguity is highly problematic.

As the teacher eliciting the student's ideas about ceremony, he teaches two or three of the essential words (firecracker, firework, parade) which is anticipated to play a crucial role in the text comprehensibility. Teacher gives them some handouts and they match the meaning of the vocabulary with their meaning. In this stage teacher uses the materials ( like photos) to save the time.

Pre-reading (2-3 minutes) • to provide a chance for students to get approach to TL

Students are put into pairs to discuss the questions which are given by the teacher. The task aims to save the time and also lies the foundation for interactive learning area.

While-reading (2-4 minutes) • The task tests global understanding of the text

Teacher ask students to read the text silently and answer the questions which they discussed with their partner in the previous task. in this stage it is really important to make the students read it individually and set a time limit so they read it quickly. To provide good clarification, teacher ask one or two CCQs. In this task teacher can identify the early finishers and in the next GW or PW pairs them with the weaker students to get the better result from the class.

Feedback (2-3 minutes) • To give a chance to students to interact with their partner

Teacher asks students to check their answers in pairs. Doing this activity is a contributing factor to prepare the students to do the subsequent tasks. Then teacher nominates some of the students to answer the questions. Then teacher gives them the answer sheet.

post-reading, controlled practice (4-6 minutes) • To prople the students to remember the newly learned vocabulary.

For post-reading, He encourages the students to complete the summary without looking back at the article. He allows sufficient time and offers help if necessary. Such an activity helps students to work on their short memory and try to recall some new words which they have just seen in the article.

post-reading, feedback (2-3 minutes) • To improve the students' comprehensibility

Teacher puts students in a group of three to check their answers before the WC feedback. Students are given an opportunity to find their own misunderstanding while they were reading the text. In the end, they are given the AK to check the answers.

post-reading, controlled practice (5-8 minutes) • To practice the new vocabulary which they learn through the text

Teacher sticks the photos on the board and elicit the name of what they see in the pictures. Then teacher gives them a pronunciation drill. Write the phoneme on the board if necessary and underline the stress to help the correct pronunciation.

post-reading, controlled practice (5-7 minutes) • To master the vocabulary

Teacher asks students to write a short paragraph about a festival they know or participated in before. They are asked to write a summary in which they use the vocabulary they have just learned in the article and tell it to their partner. Then the teacher nominates two or three students to tell their story to the class.

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