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Intermediate level


Attitudes towards the homeless


Abc Text Part 2
Abc Text Part 1

Main Aims

  • The main aim of my lesson will be reading, focusing on the sub skills of gist reading and reading for specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • My sub-aim is speaking, practicing the sub skill of fluency.


Lead In (7-7 minutes) • Set the context for the lesson

Start a discussion with the class about their attitudes to homeless people. Set the context by telling a quick story about a homeless man asking me for change. I will ask the class what they would have done in my situation. Have a class discussion on why do people may become homeless? I will have pictures up on the board for words they may not be familiar with e.g. homeless, alleyway, doorway. CCQ: do people choose to be homeless?

Rating Importance (6-6 minutes) • Develop Ss Personal Interest in topic

I will ask the students to work in pairs, Giving them slips with statements on and asking them to stick on the wall the things that are most important to things that are least important to them. This will hopefully spark their personal interest which will increase their receptive skills when it comes to reading the text. ICQ's: Are you working on your own? Which slip will go at the top of the list? The most or least important to you? W/C feedback; Have a look at other peoples answers

While Reading (9-9 minutes) • Gist Reading

Ask the students, on theır own, to read the 1st half of the text. (carry on the context by explaining the text is about a homeless man) After they have completed it get them to predict, in pairs, how they think the story will end. W/c feedback;- write the predictions on the WB

While Reading 2 (10-10 minutes) • Reading for specific information

Ss can read the end of the story then we can discuss if theır predictions where rıght or wrong. The Ss will then be given H/O 3, a list of questions that will encorage them to read for specific information. I will do an example with the students first. Those who finish will get an answer key to check their answers.

Post reading (8-8 minutes) • Speaking for Fluency

Whilst students are checking questions I will write on the board "do you think Sheila & Akan's relationship will last?". I groups of 3-4 depending on class size I will ask the Ss to answer this question. I will closely monitor class making note of any mistakes in speaking. . "Then I will ask "What kind of problems do you think they will face in the future?" again making note of any mistakes. Esp pronunciation. Write on the board: In Groups discuss ICQ: do you need to write anything down?

Error correction (5-5 minutes) • To highlight and correct any speaking errors in the post reading task

I will have noted down some incorrect sentences, I will quickly write them on the board or repeat them to the class and elicit the correct sentences from them

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