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TP#: 4a4b
A1 (beginner) level


In this lesson, students learn about the present simple through guided discovery on a reading text about a short profile of three people. The starts with an introduction about myself then I will ask ss about themselves. This is followed by reading where ss read and identify which speaker says this sentence. Finally there are some controlled practice exercises, through choose the correct option and complete with the right form of the verb, and free practice via an activity where they will speak about someone they love.


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Main Aims

  • My aim is to make ss practice using present simple in the context of introducing themselves and giving a short profile of someone's life.

Subsidiary Aims

  • The sub aim is to make ss practice speaking using present simple in the context of talking about true things in their lives and others lives and also listening.


stage 1 ( lead in) (4-5 minutes) • To set the context and make ss interested in the topic I am going to introduce

I will start the lesson by giving ss cards to write their names on them.Then I will mix the cards and choose a one to ask him questions like;where do you live? where do you work? How do you go to work? I may help him first by saying: I live in Istanbul, I work in a school, I go to work on foot, my cat lives with me. I will write those sentences on board then put ss in groups and ask them to choose a card and ask the one whose name on it the previous questions.

stage2 (4-5 minutes) • to test how will students shape the sentences about true things they know

I will ask ss about themselves, the other members of their group and their animals, if they have any, to get sentences that start with he, she,it, I, you, we, they and to write them on board like: where does he live? He lives in ..... where does she live? She lives in ....... where does it live? It lives in ..... where do you live? we live in...... where do you live? I live in...... where do I live? you live in .... where do they live? They live in .....

stage 3 (3-4 minutes) • reading

Before reading I will ask who study in a university? who lives in a town? to teach them the words they need to read. I will give ss handouts and ask them to read the texts and match them to the pictures I will stick on board. The instructions will be: read and match the texts 1,2 and 3 to pictures A,B and C, you have 1 minute.Then I will nominate someone from each group to say the right answer.

stage4 (3-4 minutes) • to check for details and specific information about the reading text

ss will do an exercise in which they have sentences they have to write next to each one which character is this. My instructions will be: we have c (charri), k (keith) and TC (Tom and christine) read the sentences and write C if it is charri, k if it is Keith and TC if they are Tom and christine you have 1 minute. Then I will ask what is the right answer and ss answer.

stage5 (7-8 minutes) • introduce the present simple

After asking ss where does each character live and work, I will choose three sentences to write on board and highlight the "s" at the end of the verb after he, she and it. The sentences are: she works in a factory He goes to work by train They live in Mexico I will then ask ss to think in pairs about those sentences. I will say: think with your partner what is the difference? what can you see?, you have one minute. Then I will ask them about their opinion to elicit from them that with he, she and it we put "s" to the end of the verb while we do not do that with I, we, you and they. I will also ask Is it true that charri works in a factory? ss: yes Is it true keith goes to work by train? ss: yes Is it true that Tom and Christine live in Mexico? ss:yes I: they are all true!!!??? ss:yes At the end of this stage I will state that this is the present simple and we use it to talk about things that are true. we add "s" to the verb after he, she and it but we do not add anything to the verb with I,you, we and they.

stage6 (6-7 minutes) • controlled practice of the presenet simple

ss will do two exercises one of them is to choose the correct option and the other is to complete the text with a verb in the right form of the present simple.I will ask ss to check their answers with their partners. Then I will let them do the FB and I comment on them whether they are right or not.

stage 7 (10-12 minutes) • freer practice of the present simple

ss play the game in the"Straight forward Beginner Teacher's Book, page 179" where they are in groups with some cards that include words such as; factory, flat ........ Ss should do a sentence of each card they pick in order to make a profile of a character they will choose a name for and write down all the information about it. Each group at the end of the game will have a character they will read its profile.This will give ss an opportunity to practice the present simple in speaking activity.

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