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In this lesson students will practice listening in the context of families practice.The lesson will begin with a quick recap about family lexis from the previous lesson.This will follow up by listening for gist and listening for specific information.In the end students will learn about subject pronoun and possessive adjectives with the help of many teaching aids .The lesson will end with a controlled practice activity and a board game. .


Abc Picture from Face 2 Face Starter ( A1) ,Students book,written by Chris Redston

Main Aims

  • To give students practice in listening for specific information and comprehension in the context of families.

Subsidiary Aims

  • LF :To review vocab related to family members / to present and practice subject pronouns and posessive adjectives.


Warmer/Lead In (2-3 minutes) • To review vocabulary from previous lesson.

T is going to show the picture of a a family and will elicit the word "family " from the students .T will elicit names of the family members for example "Kevin","Nick " and their relationships .T will show the class 2 worksheets in which all the names and the relationships among the family members are in a wrong order.Teacher will read out one title and the name which will not be correct .Then T is going to correct the first one by a demo. T will set 1 minute for this activity after dividing them in two groups. T will use ICQs to check their understanding .Once they finish ,FB will be in groups.

Introducing Vocabulary (1-2 minutes) • To present vocabulary related to family.

T will use the same picture of Nick and Kevin's family but will add two more people to the picture.T will ask the students who are they by pointing to them (using gestures for showing old or aged ) Students might respond in Turkish.T will add the new words near their pictures ,"grandfather" and "grandmother" ,T will introduce their names . grand father- Sid grand mother -Mary

Practicing pronunciation (2-3 minutes) • To practice new vocabulary with a focus on pronunciation

T will drill for pronunciation.T will show the stress pattern and phonemic transcription./granfathe/ T will explain that /d/in grand is not pronounced.T can apply back chaining technique to drill the words.T will then drill grand children ,grand daughter ,grand son.After the drilling.T will take a quick individual feed back. If there are any errors in pronunciation ,it will be dealt individually and then practice will be given along with the WC. T will put the newly learnt vocab on the left side of the board so that students can refer during the lesson if need arises. .

pre listening (5-6 minutes) • To set the context of listening

T will refer to the family picture and will elicit the names and write them on the WB in a random order.T will tell the students to listen and find out which one they will listen first ,second and third. T will write numbers on the board vertically. For example" 1.___________ 2.___________ 3.___________ Students will listen and write answers .Before taking feed back ,T will ask students to compare their answers in pairs.Then T will take FB in pairs.

Listening for specific information (4-5 minutes) • To provide students practice in listening for specific information

T will ask the students to read the questions first and highlight any words which can help them in listening . Example: How old is Sid? What is Fiona's Job? Is Anne a good musician? T will give students 1 minute to read and understand the task.Sts will listen and answer the questions.Students will work alone.Once they will finish their worksheet,T will ask them to compare their answers.T will take feed back in Pairs.

Introducing Grammar (10-12 minutes) • To present Subject pronouns and Possessive adjectives

Teacher will point to herself and say" I". T will point to the students and say "You" and then she will elicit other pronouns. Then T will ask the students to give some of their possessions like book,bag,etc. T will show and say , My bag...,Your pencil...,His pen etc T will write two sentences on the WB by drawing a line in the middle."I am a student " and "My school is big". T will underline" I" and "My" in both the sentences.T will show some flash cards with some sentences .T will do a demo of the up coming activity by picking the card and reading it and then matching it with the correct column. After the demo, T will divide the class in pairs.One from each pair will come and pick the card and paste on the WB.The other partner will help if it is wrong .If the answer is correct they will get a point. After that t will ask the students what is common in all the examples? The students will point out VERB after Subject Pronoun and a noun after Possessive adjectives. T will show a worksheet having pics and some verbs.T will do the first one to set the activity going.Sts will be asked to work in Pairs. T will assign 2 min for the above mentioned activity.After the students finish their worksheet.T will ask the students to check and compare with a new partner.T will take FB in pairs at the end.

Practicing grammar (4-5 minutes) • To practice the subject pronouns and possessive adjectives

T will divide students in to new pairs ,keeping in mind ,that a strong student sits with a struggling one.T will show the worksheet and tell the Sts its aim."Choose the correct option" T will elicit the answer of the first one from the students.This demo will set the stage.T will check through ICQs about any ambiguity.T will set the time for efficient implementation of the task. Each pair will get one worksheet so that a spirit of team work could be seen and the struggling ones benefit from the strong ones. Before the WC feedback ,T will ask the students to compare in pairs by turning to the person in next group.After that ,T will take feed back in PW .

Flexi activity (6-9 minutes) • To provide students opportunity to use the TL in a more challenging way

This stage can act as a plan B for the teacher.If the teacher is able to finish the stages before time. T can use this board game to practice TL in a more challenging way by giving less controlled practice. T will show the Board game and will do a demo by calling two more students at the the front of the class.T will throw the dice ,check the numbers and moves to the box which aligns with the number on the dice.T will answer the question ,the partners in the group will check and discuss .If its correct ,T can move ahead otherwise T will stay there and the other person will take the turn.Teacher will show them what" Skip" ,"Move ahead"means by pointing to the arrows on the board game. T will divide students in a group of 4 and start the activity.Teacher will monitor carefully and check for any errors.T will take feed back at the end in groups by giving them turns.

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