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celta 2016 grammar straight forward 2
intermediate b1 level


present perfect vs past simple


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Main Aims

  • to teach present perfect tense

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice speaking


lead in (5-5 minutes) • to link to the previous lesson and provide connection between the two lessons and reset schemata and introduce the target language

Have a quick quiz using the present perfect and past simple.

Highlight target language (10-10 minutes) • to show target language

elicit the different tenses on the board and ask CCQs so students understand the differences in the tenses

controlled practice • to give the ss an opportunity to practice the TL in a controlled manner

ask ss to look at the picture and guess what is happening. Ask ss to read the text without choosing the answers. Ask some comprehension questions Then ask ss to complete the and choose the correct verbs

semi-controlled practice • to give ss more practice of target language

Ask ss to do EX3 page 17

freer practice (10-10 minutes) • to give further practice of the language

ask ss to ask each other questions about travel

feedback (10-10 minutes) • to check understanding

check the ss understanding and do feedback

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