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A1 level


In this lesson, students are going to practice writing skills about shopping habits. The class is going to be started with a listening activity as a context. The students are going to play a game completing sentences. After that, conjunctions will be introduced and there will be a controlled practice about conjunctions. At the end of the lesson, Students are supposed to do a paragraph writing .


Main Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a paragraph in the context of shopping habits

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of conjunctions in the context of shopping habits


lead in (2-3 minutes) • to engage students with the context

T starts the class by showing a picture of a guy and asks if students can guess who he is. she sticks the picture on the board and say " He is my boyfriend who lives in Iran and he loves shopping". T sticks some pictures of his shopping habits on the board and pairs the students to guess what his shopping habit are. ICQs: " Speak or write? alone or with partner? How much time? (2m )"

Gist listening (2-3 minutes) • to provide Students to listen for the gist of the text

T sets the task that her boyfriend is talking to someone. she writes the question " Where is? who is he talking to?" on the board and asks ss to listen and the questions. ( If necessary, she elicits some places and some people as well.) After playing the audio, students will check their answers with their partner in pairs and the whole-class feedback will be given.

Listening for details (3-5 minutes) • To provide a chance for Ss to listen for specific information

T shows the HO to Ss and asks them to listen again and underline the true word. T will model the activity and writes the first sentence on the board ( SS might not know what underline means). ICQs: listen or write? ( both) Alone or with partner? (Alone) True/false or underline? (Underline) After the listening , Ss will do the peer checking and T monitors. In case, Ss don`t understand the audio, T will play it again. FB: Correct answers will be written on the board.

Writing lead in (1-2 minutes) • to link the listening to writing practice

T asks Ss what they can remember from the audio and if Ss say a word like " like, favorite, ....." she says the complete sentence to get the Ss to familiarize with the context.

Writing Preparation (8-10 minutes) • to practice sentence completion

T puts the ss in groups of 4 based on letters ( a,b,c,d ) and asks them to sit in circle. Since the instruction is long and a little bit complicated, she provides the ss with the HOs ans asks them to write their names on the top of the paper. T asks the Ss to complete the first sentence and fold the paper and pass it to the person on their right and the activity goes on until all the sentences are completed. Ss will find their paper and read their sentences and in group find interesting/funny sentences. FB: whole-class feedback , T will ask which one was the funniest.

Introducing conjunctions (3-5 minutes) • to teach them how to write paragraph

T asks Ss if their sentences are like paragraphs or not and elicits " conjunctions". she elicits " because, and , but " and writes them on the board. she writes 3 sentences on the board : 1. I like shopping ........... I love eating . ( and) 2. I like shopping .................. I don`t have money to go shopping a lot.(but) 3. I like shopping ................. it makes me happy. ( because) She elicits their differences and whole class feedback will be given.

conjunction controlled practice (3-5 minutes) • To provide a chance for ss to practice the conjunction

T will provide the ss with a HO and asks them to fill in the gaps using conjunctions. ICQs:" alone ? with your friend? how much time? (2m)" FB: Ss are asked to check their answers in pairs and then they are referred to check their answers with the back of HO.

writing production (15-17 minutes) • To produce a paragraph using the completed sentences and conjunctions

T asks ss to work individually and write a paragraph using the sentences and conjunction but without writing the name of the shop. ICQs: write or speak? alone or with your partner? how much time? (7 m) Anticipated Problem: ss might not understand that they are supposed not to mention the name of the shop. solution: T model the paragraph write on the board . " I like to shop at the malls and my favorite store is ............... . i like it because everything is cheap. I usually go there on Saturdays but sometimes I go there on Sundays. They sell CDs, DVDs and music posters." ( answer:music store) FB: T collects the papers and sticks the wall and asks ss to stand up, go around the class and read the paragraphs and write down the name on the Store. After that, ss are asked to read the papers again and underline the mistakes and correct them.

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