Mehrdad Mehrdad

Mehrdad Kharazy Dehkharghani's TP1
upper intermediate level


in this lesson, students learn English expressions that can help them with easing them to express themselves especially in speaking skill.


Abc Workbook exercise 3 of straightforward
Abc Exercise 1, 2, 3 of Functional language & exercise 1 of Speaking
Abc Drawings

Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice functional language for agreeing and disagreeing

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking for fluency


Warmer/Lead-in • to engage students to the topic and get some overall information.

I will draw some pictures on the board and ask if they can refer these to the people they have read about earlier or not?

Pre-Reading • to get them ready to read the task and get an overall understanding of it.

I will ask about if they remember what they said earlier in the listening part? and elicit some answers and bring up an expectation of the repetition of the same content.

Reading • To read and get the overall information of the task

I will ask them to read the questions and put the name of each character in front of the sentence that can best be of his words. They can refer to the board for the drawings also. and then I would be providing them with some paraphrased sentences of the main sentences to be attached to the main sentences visible on the board through the use of the video projector.

Pronunciation activity • to provide the students with the correct intonation

I will provide the same action That I learned earlier from Madam Marijke to show the emphasis by using my shoulders moving up at the beginning and the bold parts of the sentence and provide it's emphasis mark by a dot on the board. and ask for repetition in back chain.

production • the Students should produce their ideas using the TL

They will pair up to answer the Questions on the 3rd part of the Functional Language Task in P. 19.

Work book activity • practice their learned material.

They will go on with the questions that they need to answer. and then after a pair check I am going to give the correct answers to them.

Speaking Pre-Task • to have them familiar with the content in the speaking part.

I will Project the photos on the board and ask the students some questions about the pictures and lead them in to the task with elicitation.

Teaching-Speaking • Have them speak related to the topic as much as possible.

I will ask the students to take notes on the information given on the books and the sample pictures provided by the projector and take notes for speaking. then I will group them in groups and have them mingle around and find their partners to share their ideas with them.

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