Reading and listening
Children 4 level


In this lesson students will read and lesson in order to explore why we sneeze and to identify the sequence of events that make people sneeze . Students also will improve reading fluency by practicing phrases loudly and repeating what they hear from the audio.


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Main Aims

  • to improve reading fluency
  • To provide gist, specific information, detailed and inference

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information and gist


Warmer / Lead-in • To engage students and generate their interest in the topic

I will do a little recap of what we covered last session. As a warm up for the new lesson I will ask Ss some questions about how people sneeze , different types of sneezes and what part of the body moves when we sneeze .

Pre-listening • To prepare Ss for the text and pre-teach vocabulary

T will explain the meaning of some difficult words that may block Ss' understanding . T will elicit the words from Ss and ask some CCQs to make sure that Ss understand the meaning correctly. I will acknowledge that they will have to listen to some people sneeze and each student will have a word to hold up as they hear it .

listening for gist • For Ss to understand the overall idea of the text and to provide them with the opportunity to comprehend the text in closer details

I will play the audio and white a question on the board for students to answer while they are listening. When they finish Ss will discuss their answers in pairs and then I will elicit their answers and discuss the have a whole class discussion .

Re teach vocabulary • To help students understand more the difficult words and use them in different contexts. To prepare Ss for the reading stage

I will give each student a paper with a word from the text which they have to say stop and hold it up when they hear it . After that i will write it on the board and ask CCQs to check their understanding .

listen and read silently • for students to improve their reading fluency

I will play the audio students will listen and read silently

reading for details • to provide Ss with opportunities to comprehend what the text is saying in closer details

I play the audio again and students will read silently. I will stop after each paragraph to ask students a question concerning that paragraph.

Free practice • To check student's understanding of the text

Students will work in pairs to complete activity 14 page 67 after they finish they will compare their answers in groups and have a whole class feedback.

Controlled practice • To check student's understanding of the text

Students will read the text again and work individually and put the sentences in order to understand the sequence of events that make people sneeze . When they finish students compare their answers with their partners. As a feedback I will give some students markers to write answers on the board.

Wrap-Up • To give students the opportunity to work in groups and speak with each other to practice the learnt items

Students will be divided in four groups to draw a diagram that shows the consequences of events that make people sneeze. After they finish the groups will check the answers of other groups and have whole class feedback at the end.

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