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Personal information, Pronouns-he/she-his/her
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn pronouns (he/she) through simple conversation. Lesson will start with a listening activity. Students will be provided with a handout and will need to fill out missing words. There will be a combination of pair work practice and whole class practice. Final activity will involve students asking questions to find out about each other.


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Main Aims

  • To provide speaking practice in a conversation in the context of personal information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Specific Information listening practice using a text about Bill Frasier in the context of personal information


Personal Information/Pronoun • Speaking

• Start with the review of first lesson with students. My name is…., your name is….then start asking student questions using he/she, his/her pronouns. E.x. what’s his name, Where is he from, how old is she? what’s her surname? Etc (2-3 min) • Give out the copy of hand out and ask them to look at the chart and pictures. (1 min) • Read with them once and start the listening exercise and have students fill out missing words in exercise 2. Twice if need be. (7-10 min) • Ask them to compare answers in pairs and monitor them. (2-3 min) • Go through the answers together with students. (2 min) • Drill questions and answers: Both Bill and Sabine (3-5 min) o How old is he? He’s …… o Is he married? No, he isn't. • Students in pair, then practice completed dialogues 2 and 3 in sequence while I monitor. • Provide feedback. (10 min) • Have student get up and mingle in the middle of the classroom and ask each questions in 4 and take notes. Monitors and give feedback to whole class. (5 min) • Ask student to report back on a particular student they have spoken to. • Who did you talk to? What’s her …..? (7-10 min)

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